name: virus error
gender: male
human or monster?: unknown
magic: unknown
age: unknown
likes: destruction, humans, knifes,memes.
dislikes: flowers, water, knife haters, alarms, cars, monsters.

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♡Name♡☆Sally Magnificent☆
♡Personality♡☆She's mostly positive, She's sweet, kind, and fun to hang out with, But when you make her mad, She will pound you to pieces☆
♡Magic/Powers♡☆Levitation, teleportation, Growing fairy wings out of her back, Clothes magic, Flower magic,& Music magic☆
♡Species♡☆Human Fairy-succubus☆
♡Likes♡☆Tacos, Pacifists, Trees, Drawing and sketching, The color green, flowers, Calming music, Comedies & Helping out a friend☆
♡Dislikes♡☆Moldy foods, Genocidal Megalomaniacs, Dead plants, Rock music, Violent and or horror movies, & being abused☆
♡Bio♡☆Her father is a male fairy, And her mother is a succubus, She mainly got her father's powers but is part human, When her parents died in a car crash when she was young, She ran to mount Ebott and fell, She left Asgore and moved near the Waterfalls, Ever since, She has been taking care of herself☆
♡Soul Color♡☆Green 💚☆

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My OC : Enderman
Age : 1337
Species :Mem3p0$ter
Job: posting m3me$ and the guardian of the internet.
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I'm bad at rping
Someone help meh

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Name:Hamster Pyro
Species:Hamster/Monster(Kind of?)
Likes:Coal and fire
Dislikes:Cold and ice
Bio:Can only say Hudda or Huuuu
Soul (Not shown):Kindness
Weapon:Fire Breath

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Name: Cream Sprinkles
Age: 18
Species: Sugar Rabbit/monster
Likes: Candy
Dislikes: Carrots (Ironic huh)
Bio: Nothing much about her
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Name : ???
Age : ???
Personality : Alike personality of Chara
Species : Ghost but cant be seen by monsters (goats, skelly, fish, dino .ect) and human, only other ghost
Soul represent : Hate
Likes : Threatening people,
Dislikes : Kind people


((This is going to be a standard RP of the main game; things are diferent though))

*Infection has spread. There is no cure. Find safty, quarantine if infected

*These words have been going through 1 girl's mind, repeatedly, and more and more often as she continued onwards up Mt. Ebbot. She continued to climb, higher, and higher, untill she reached the top. She looked around, trying to get a feel for the area, when she found a hole. Curious, She looked over at it...then back at her city, in flames because of some desise called Radical-6. People have been killing themselfves nonstop,a nd the planet's pretty much It annoyed her to no end, and she sat down to think about this, she didn't know what was, a little vine came out of the ground, and punctured her through the heart. She spat out blood, looked around, and simply fell into the hole, as she felt herself change....falling, blackness is all she saw in the world, as she collapsed in the ruins, being oblivious to those who are around that area

1 Hour later, in the small area nearby

(Y/N) themself where climbing up Mt. Ebbot, trying to get away form this thing that's killed thosands, as they climbed up the mountain, as they saw a giant thing of blood surrounding a hole, as they stopped to examine the blood near the actual hole, as part of the hole opened up wider; more specifically the section that they where standing on gave way, as they fell.....father.....and farther.....and they hit the bottom, passed out


-3+ lines per responce

No mary sues or goddmodding

Male or female needed

The person who fell down must be human, but OC monsters can be added after

-Say Madz is baws to join


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Chello under peps!
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