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Please refrain from posting content that is overly explicit and pornographic. This community is about the beauty of interracial romance and love, not the fetish of one's own desires. 

There are other communities in which caters to that certain content, but not this page.

Thank you.

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Meet Madison Sarah and her boyfriend, Patrick - a UK couple that have been madly in love with each other and their love has never waned. Here, we witness them at their most cutest.

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Performed by +Really Slow Motion
Year: 2017

The power within you is the key to bring forth salvation into this world. Go forth, Princess Diana and let your love reign.

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I urge everyone who has a YouTube account and uses it, to follow this couple. Javen and Sara are recent newlyweds and they definitely create a lot of hilarious skits.

Feel free to give them a shout out and support.

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Composed by 2WEI (Position Music)
Year: 2017

As we are going forward, our livelihoods have changed. The events which unfolded has greatly turned the tide of humanity, where our sense of resolve and being have largely ran into the abyss.

As the dust settles, we will rise once more, and reborn anew to tackle the adversity which lies ahead.

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I want to congratulate the Littles family on giving birth into this new world. Please welcome Albina and Enel's newest bundle of joy, El Littles.


I think the vast majority of us can understand how appearance often triggers an interest in someone. When you are attracted to someone, it is originally out of lust, and from there, we can determine whether love is there based on the mental and emotional connection. When it comes to those who often date or prefer to date (almost) exclusively out of one's "race", there will be those who will question whether this is based on some of self-hatred or obsession or fetish of some kind. Even those whom you may consider dating, they may question this as well. So, I must ask...

1. When does a preference become an obsession or fetish?

2. Have you experienced this confrontation before?

3. How did you response to such a thing?

I think this page deserves a new life of some kind, and hopefully, we all can get a better understanding of one another.

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The perfect way to relax after a long day of work in Northern Virginia. 

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Composed by Nights Amore
Year: 2017
Genre(s): Ambient, Celestial, Epic, Mysterious

Perhaps one of the most beautiful pieces of work to date from Nights Amore. His willingness to invoke the inner despair of the universe as it slowly caves away, is one that becomes entrenched with the cogs of time, as they turn and become the whispering memory of the second's past. There lies a story that breeds itself into the mercy of others.

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Composed by Nights Amore
Year: 2107
Genre(s): Ambient, Melancholic, Atmospheric, Celestial, Sadness

The world around us slowly caves in, with a story that seems to brew with the lesser moments tied together as one. When the hearts seem to beat a faint beat, there lies that moment when we know we are ready to pass onward to the next, in which there is nothing but darkness waiting. And from there, no memory shall be saved. No sense of alternate reality will be there. Instead, awaken only in the transient life that is nothing.
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