can anyone get a course report to run on blackboard / mole? I managed to run two but whichever one I pick now seems to stick at the processing page (more than an hour). 

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We now have access to Team Drives in Google Drive, so you can create groups where no individual owns the documents shared within that group. I imagine this will help solve the issue of people leaving the university and their documents leaving with them!


New Google sites just went live on my personal account. First impressions... It's nice... could solve a lot of workload for us...

Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced VR headset for gaming, just for fun. A budget of around £50 max. This isn't for educational purposes by the way! +Tom Foster +Thomas P Jolley +Farzana Latif +Bryony C Olney

Also, limitation of being an iphone user so the samsung gear is out. Think the Fiit seems to have decent reviews for £20. Any recommendations appreciated? 

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I know this has been mentioned here before, but thought it might be worth bringing it back up as Office 2016 is now becoming widely available throughout the university. Office mix is a great tool for flipping the classroom, creating interactive online presentations with various question types. Two issues: 1) only compatible with Powerpoint 2013 and 2016 and 2) a much bigger issue unfortunately, it has to be downloaded and installed as an .exe file to be available. Presumably, this makes it impossible to use on a managed desktop.

Could it be made available through the software centre somehow? There are instructions here about how an organisation can install it ( but not sure of the procedure for having this made available. Seems a shame that such a powerful (free) tool that's integrated into software that everybody knows can't be made available. If anyone in CICS knows the answer....?

Just noticed that Google Inbox (their modern take on email) is now available on our Sheffield account. Got some pretty neat features such as the ability to snooze emails until a particular date and the ability to create bundles of email types. Works very well on mobile

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A couple of the new features in Google forms have now been added to our accounts.

The first one is the ability to have a file upload as part of a Google Forms response (with a 10GB limit).

The 2nd one is around Google predicting the sort of question and suggesting possible answers. e.g. if you start typing in "On a scale of 1-5..." it will change the question type to scale. If you start with "What day of the week...." it will bring up the option to put in all the days of the week for you.

I suspect more of these will appear in the future too.

Some more info here too -

Its a long shot, but is anyone aware of a way of forwarding gmail (uni account) to an email address? I have a student trying to do this but he gets an error message saying that his email address is 'not a valid email address' and I'm guessing this is to do with the 'Halt Intruder!' approach to encryption/security applied to NHS email address. And to everything else technology related in the NHS.

Any other Respondus users out there? I need help checking something and before you say anything, yes I know MOLE is down. Its settign it up with somethning else I need to check.
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