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New Google Sites is here and it's going to make it much easier for staff and students to make usable, responsive, attractive websites. Integration with other Google services is excellent (maps, docs, forms, youtube, sheets, slides etc.).

Here's one I made in about 5 minutes. 

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So :

What are peoples thoughts on this? Looks like Events are a casualty (only avail in the Android app?)

Does anyone know of any free software or ways to create a decision-tree based quiz or interactive adaptive quiz?
I can't seem to find what I'm looking for online.
I'm basically looking to create an interactive workflow builder, so a multiple choice question is given and each answer unlocks a different path.
Has anyone ever created anything similar?

Hi, I'm setting up a blogger blog, which print services are designing a header for. However, I'm really struggling to find the header dimensions to send them. Does anyone know how to find this info? Thanks

7 years ago today.....uSpace went live

Hi, does anyone have a Swivl that I could borrow on Monday/Tuesday next week please? I am wanting to record a couple of short presentations being given, and Lecture Capture seems rather overkill for the 5-10mins required - plus it would be good to try it out! Anyone willing to lend me one? Thanks.

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I've come across an issue this morning affecting people with Apple devices using safari.

Seems in the search bar it keeps crashing and hanging for some users.

The workaround at the moment seems to be to disable "search engine suggestions".

This can be found in Safari>Preferences>search>include safari suggestions.

To Hull & Back.....just about to get my train ticket ordered for the January WRLT but just thought id check to see if anyone had already committed to driving up from Sheffield and had a spare seat

Folks, are Diamond tours now over as Id like to take my year 10 work expereice studet rounbd for a look and get him awaay from setting up iPads . Looks like no new dates on the wwebsite 
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