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Please join us for a drink on Thursday 2 March, 5 - 6.30pm, in the ICoSS Foyer to celebrate our successes together in open online learning and other digital learning initiatives over the last three years.

We’ve successfully launched the Digital Commons, with a series of seminars and a project retreat, we’re about to reach half a million enrolments on our open online courses, and have just seen Achieve More Level 2: 10bn debut as an online course on FutureLearn with exciting results.

None of this would have been possible without the enthusiasm and commitment of many colleagues, so we think it's time to say thank you, celebrate and take a proper look at what's been achieved.

All welcome!

Please RSVP by following this link:

We'd love you to come along and hope to see you there. 

I'm looking for fellow Departments/Colleagues who are currently using Agisoft Photoscan licences (for photogrammetry modelling) on a single licence basis.

Several colleagies and I are looking at a potential networked solution which will speed up the processing times hugely from the single licence desktop based solution, using HPP.

There are scales of economy in sharing licences in a networked solution so if anyone is using this software (Pro version) and is interested in speeding up the processing of models please get in touch - the more the merrier!

Hi, I have been asked about Bristol Online Survey Tool, it seems that the University has not got any account do you know if any department is using it?

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Yesterday Google announced you can now embed videos from Google Drive as well as YouTube. Must admit i assumed this feature was already in there, but may be of use to some

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Im hovering between thinking it brilliant, to wondering if its a bit too "big brother" is watching 

TELFest 2017 call for participation, submit a proposal. Deadline is: Friday 28 February 2017: 

Been having a lot of formatting issue submitting via turitin recently. Page breaks moving, image captions not where they should be. I've advised its probably best to save the final version as a pdf from word , check that is ok, then upload that version. What do others recommend? Its mixed content reports . Mainly text but images, figures and tables in there

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Hi all,

We are currently undertaking a survey into the use of flipped learning in the University, in order to get a rounded view of how it is being used, identify any staff development needs, and to gather data for a report into how colleagues in the institution are undertaking flipped classroom approaches. If you use flipped learning it would be much appreciated if you could fill in the form below, or pass it on to any colleagues undertaking flipped learning who you think I may have missed.

Hi all, I'm getting a list together of people at the University currently undertaking Flipped Learning. If you know of someone who you think may not be on my radar can you let me know?
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