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Create your VFX project here.

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Check out the latest bid template here.

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Looks like it's time to do more #buckshotbeta development.

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Do you ever do any VFX bidding? Well it helps to do it as a team. Check out this collaborative VFX bidding template. If you like it I'll give you my Bidding Manager spreadsheet which creates and manages sub-vendors bids.
Happy bidding! #BuckshotBeta #VFXBidding

Can you tell me how can I get your product on my google site please, I'm I need to :)

I already have google apps domain(unlimited-trial)

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A couple of new options in Google Sites to integrate into Hangouts...

Holy $#*! I thought it was a joke! Google now offers unlimited storage!!!! #googleapps

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Google made a self-driving car, and it doesn't have a steering wheels, accelerator pedals, or brake pedals…


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Need some help banging on a new library I published, with inspiration and some pointers from +Romain Vialard 

This library extends the SitesApp service with additional methods to get site activity feed, revisions, and some experimental methods to modify page content and default publishing access and permissions.

Sorry: no page level permissions possible... it's not even a part of Google's underlying API;)

This is my deepest foray into object-oriented JavaScript and I give much credit to Romain and +Tim Cargan for inspiring me to break out of my procedural shell.

Please take it for a test drive!

sitesappextended | scripts_resources

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You can use site notices to alert your project team when they visit your project site.
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