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I have made the collections for this community please pay no mind that I messed up my own community name XD I will be posting rules/restrictions, and information on the gangs as soon as possible. Just so everyone knows, this is the collections only used for this community.

(Closed rp with +Faust Faustulous)

Location: Outskirts
Time/Weather: Evening/slight rain

The rain pattered down on to the streets of Japan. The dirty scent of the fumes that had collected in the sky and fallen back down on to the dirty ground. The streets covered in little bits of rubbish, merely a human dumpster to dispose anything of no use. Black bags fluttering as the wind picked up slightly, the strong sound of rustling made the wind sound much worse. People scattered through the small outskirt streets to their dirt covered houses.

A set of blue eyes glanced up at the small droplets falling to the earth. A soft sigh as a small Japanese umbrella was slipped up to shelter the new member of the irregular. Her frame smaller than most but her height accounted for it. She among average height however, she naturally seemed tall nonetheless. Her loose blond hair now falling over her shoulders. Over the last year she had changed and matured. A hand raising and slipping the hair behind herself and glancing down the street. She was waiting for an old friend, a friend who had shown kindness when she really was struggling with her last gang. Glad to be free of the gang she could now roam the streets unheard of and not wanted dead.

Her soft steps on the hard ground, made a soft splattering sound as the water was displaced under her feet. She lent up again a wall, remaining under the sheltered umbrella. Slipping out her phone and sending a small message in hope that the Overseer may see that she was out. The phone whipped into her pocket before she looked up awaiting company.

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{[STARTER : Action/Adventure/All-Around Genre]}
//Stand Alone RP//

[The Scent of Vanilla]

He stood quietly at the shop's doorstep, staring at the familiar woodwork. //They have changed the signboard...// He thought pensively, trying to keep the memories far away but with no success. Upon opening the door, his eyes gazed upon the counter and he can see the ghosts of the twins and their mother preparing for the day.

'Good morning, Inspector! Lost to donuts again today?' They cheerfully greeted him.

'Aw, don't be harsh on the man! He just have to get used to it!' Officer Hide draped an arm over his shoulder laughing in response.

He was jarred out from the memories when a patron tried to get his attention as he was barring the entrance.

'Ah, excuse me.' Hiei bowed in apology and moved out of the way, the person made a bow in return. He then sighed before walking towards the counter where a middle-age man was smiling towards him.

'Good afternoon, Inspector Minamino. Green tea as usual?'

'Yes, please.' Hiei replied as he removed his hat, placing them down on the counter. He looked around, noting the small changes in the shop. 'Has it been quiet around here? Nobody has disturbed you?'

'You are too kind, Inspector. No, it had been relatively quiet. You need not worry about me. It was just one incident, Inspector.' The man cheerfully replied but there was sadness in his eyes as he placed the steaming cup infront of the Inspector.

'One incident...' Hiei murmured and bowed quietly before taking his tea and moving towards the table to take a seat near the window. He looked out while warming his hands around the cup, deep in thought. It was a hostage situation, a fight between this ward's mafia group against a rival mafia group. They laid siege in this bakery cafe, Officer Hide was killed and along with the hostages in the crossfire. He looked down at his tea before lifting it up for a sip. They said it was not his fault. They were able to put the criminals behind bars. Another set of deaths under his belt and he has yet to find the ones who killed his squad back in Okinawa. Tokyo is such a big place, with different mafia and yakuza groups vying for power. With a corrupt government in the background, how was he going to find justice?.

He was in deep reverie and did not notice when the door to the shop opens once more.


~ Be descriptive. Anything goes(gender, story direction, tragedy, horror, romance, etc)
~ No one word replies (There is no required lines as replies would rely on how flow goes)
~ No text talk, emoji/emoticon, at least make an effort with grammar, no need to be perfect as long as I could comprehend what you wrote.
~ Tell me if you are unsatisfied about something within your reply (don't disrupt the narration as much as possible)
~ Don't leave me hanging, tell me if you are busy or if you would like to stop playing. I understand that sometimes a thread would go stale or not fun anymore. Just tell me and we'll end it nicely.
~Either give me a profile link of your OC or include a description of your OC on a reply (I only do re-posts, no PPs, sorry)
~ MInamino Hiei's profile : .
~Have fun!

**Images are not mine, just used as reference to enhance roleplay.
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People still alive here? If so Rp with me :P

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+Ilse Hermanides

She nodded. I can imagine, you're not exactly going to be a bad teacher are you. She smirked softly
(Closed rp with +Ilse Hermanides​)

Breathe. The girl with blood over her dirty blonde hair. Her blade held inches from her face. Her eyes darting around the abandoned building. A hanging chain clatters and she moves higher in the building. So how did she get like this? Let's back track

Grace had a love out of the gang which was forbidden. She refused to get rid of him and she ran when she could. She knew they would send someone to kill her. They wouldn't know why just that it was their job to kill. So back to now

Her blue eyes looking for options as she pulls herself higher. The wind had picked up and she was on the roof. Her heart pounding and she tried to steady herself. The moon was full and she glances around in the cold air.

Anyone want to RP?

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(Closed with +Jhekie J)

The grand building was in the distance as the car was moving towards it. The noble male sits back and remains in a calm posture. The weather had been fair fine until he passed the port. A mist seemed to have swallowed up the car, spraying the roads and then plastering on the metallic roof of the silver car.

The male digs into his pocket pulling out a letter and reading through it again. This was the first time he had been at the Tokyo branch, his father lived and worked over here. Which he hated, yet respected his father for. The writing was definitely his father's, the ink had been wrote neatly with the unique curls that he had grown up to recognise.

The building drew closer, a few lights were on yet he couldn't help notice a wrecked side of the building from an explosion, which he remembered reading the reports a while back. He had meet Echo earlier that year, he found her although incredible smart yet terribly annoying. He didn't want to meet her again. But he knew on his travels he would need to speak to most if not all the people in charge of the Tokyo branch.

He slips the letter away and softly sighs, the car had turned up the drive. Passing the perfectly done Japanese garden. His attention then drawn to the front of the house. He softly curls his lip before going back to a completely emotionless face.

The car comes to a halt. He runs his neck underneath his collar necker and admires the house. The door was going to be opened for him in a moment but until that point he gazes over those at the front entrance.
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Name: Luca Benedict
Nickname: Luca
Birthday: 13th February
Age: 18
Gender/Sexuality: Male/Straight
Species: Wood Elf
Class: Noble

Gang Information:
~Occupation: Part of Benedict’s Family
~Name: The Irregulars

~Hair: Dark Red and Lighter towards the ends
~Eyes: A strong red with hints of purple within the eyes.
~Height: 180 cm/ 5”9
~Likes: Luca enjoys the quietness of places, although he doesn’t look it. He is a big enthusiast for books. He is a linguist but will only use it if necessary, yet he secretly likes being to travel most places and be able to speak fluently to the people.
~Dislikes: Luca disagrees with human trafficking and law breaking, but if he has to do any of this. He just grits his teeth and gets on with it. Luca also disagrees with the lack of gents who look after their wives or partners; he believes in the eternity marriage and believes it should be taken more seriously than religion.
~Personality: Luca is and always has been a little on the laid back side. But when things need doing, he won’t say no. He is proud of his family line and isn’t ashamed to hide it. He often uses his status to charm ladies but he is a heart breaker. He plays with love which makes him well known. He will get ones hands dirty to be involved in projects.

Luca is a skilled magician in the dark arts, he is able to use telekinesis and manipulate his power to move objects. Yet he’s young and with time will only become stronger and will be able to use more power. Yet at the moment he is limited due to not enough practice.

~Father: Red Benedict, commonly known as Uncle Red in the Benedict’s family. He has a respectful bond with his father, even after all their disagreements. Luca looks up to his father’s figure,
~Mother: (Deceased) Elain Benedict, she died shortly after his birth.
~Cousins: Blue Benedict, he doesn’t know him too well, but has met him at several family gatherings.

Biography: Luca Benedict comes from the Main Line of the Benedict’s. His father Red Benedict is part of the Rainbow Siblings, the eldest of seven siblings. Red Benedict and Elain Benedict, produced a healthy son who would if taught properly would become a fine member of the Benedict Family.

However the male didn’t quite fit in, with his mother missing, he relied on his father, who appeared too busy with finalising plans.

When Luca became 12 years old, his father moved to Tokyo. To work with the Benedict Branch, over there with his cousin Blue Benedict. He knows the secrets of the place and respects its decision to keep them hushed.

Recently after 6 years living in Asia, he has been requested to join the Tokyo Benedict Branch and here he is. Luca has returned to his father and has slowly been adjusting and familiarising his surroundings in Tokyo.

FC: Shin from Amnesia
Disclaimer: None of these photographs are my own

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[Title] Just Messing Around
[Character in Use] Kida Taiyou
[Location] Ikebukero
[Status] Open

Well, as you guys could tell, it's Kida Taiyou of the Yellow Sun. You might be wondering what me, a dashing and wonderful desperado, is doing around this hour... It's already 5 PM around here, and I was wondering around with a few friends of mine. We were just a small entourage of three, me and a lovey-dovey couple.... Like geez... They make out everywhere! It's kinda gross. Anyway, they wanted to go to some festival that was happening today. It's actually a good thing that I agreed, otherwise I might have gotten a bit bored because of how we were literally doing nothing.

We had no gangs to fight today; that new faction based upon the Kingdom of Wei, still hasn't done anything at all. Plus, I have no reason to fight the Black Dragon right now. That just doesn't sound fun.

Me and my friends approached a random stand in the middle of the road. They were selling some bean daifuku! No way in hell am I not eating that! Little did I know, that this day was going to get funner!

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Name of Gang: The Purgatory
State Leader Name: The gang has three main leaders: Gerald, Stanford and Faye. When it comes to decisions Stanford has final say.
Number of people in the gang: Around 50 gang members (3 profiles currently made)

Location: Nakano
Home Base: Egota

Training inside the gang: From a young age all people within the gang know how to fight and protect themselves, no matter how innocent they may come across. Many of these young people have come from harsh pasts and will do anything to revenge their past. They are all trained to kill in an instant.

Aims and Focus': The Purgatory deal with all being of all kinds, while covering it up with a simple merchant business to hide the evidence. When revenge is needed it will always be fulfilled, no matter what the consequences. They trade with many other gangs with items and prices that nobody could refuse and well if you don't pay up, be prepared to be on their main hit list. Don't think they won't go after you, they are ruthless despite their quiet nature.

Dislikes: Do not mess around with this gang they will always remember and will not cease to act. If you pull a knife on them, they won't easily forget.

Uniform: They have no set uniform but if anyone leaves the facility they must take something with the symbol of the gang or they will be refused entry back in.
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