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Many, many years ago I wrote a game for 8-bit Atari computers, called "Eist". Lately I managed to recover it from old floppies, and launch on a borrowed device (Jarosław Jeżowski - many thanks!), as well as on the atari800 emulator. It made me think: would I be able to code the Android version? And here you are, in beta stage of development. Could you help at testing?

EDIT Oct 1: added Android TV support, 9 levels available.

You should be able to install from the Play store directly, but just in case - this link allows to join the beta channel:

My use case: going to work with ebike. 10 way points, 18km one direction. going back I would like to use the same definition, just the other way round. The proposed feature does not seem to work. No proper indicator to target or to next waypoint. Am I missing something? 

I can't get the altitude to read in imperial units any idea of what I'm doing wrong? 

I am unable to give Rambler the needed permissions on the watch. It asks me to give location permission but not storage permission. Then it says it can't start without access to the location data. Rebooted both watch and phone. No joy. Watch settings permissions display for Rambler says neither permission has been granted. Android Wear 1.5.0... Google Play Services 9.4.52 Android 6.0.1.

Having in mind the Play Services issue, and my holiday upcoming, I decided to publish the alternative build on the open beta channel.

REASON: some watches (possibly up to 10%) still use Play Services out of date (e.g. 8.x). That's why the public version was built for the 8.x version. However, sometimes, especially when another app requests location data, it happens to Rambler to stop receiving location updates. Use of the latest Play services seems to resolve the issue.

PLEASE INSTALL in case your watch happens to stop receiving location updates from the phone AND your watch runs Play Services v. 9.2.x.

DO NOT INSTALL IF you watch still runs Play Services version below 9.2.x. Check Settings/About/Versions.

After installation rebooting the watch and phone strongly recommended. beta (Pro): beta (Free):

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Build # on the beta channel.

The Google Play services version downgraded to 8.x, due to some (5-10%) watches still frozen at older versions. According to what +Wayne Piekarski said, the Google team is likely to find a solution in the nearest future (see posts: and I do hope this version is going to work well. If so, it'll become the public 2.1 release - the last one before my holiday. Please report possible issues, especially the GPS connectivity misbehavior.

Build # uploaded to the beta channel.

Routes transmission from now on confirmed on the watch: displays a toast ("X routes received, Y overlapping removed"), in the same way as the POI transmission does. Also some bugs fixed.

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Rambler uploaded on the beta channel.

- Auto hints added: generated automatically in appropriate points. Do NOT override hints entered manually. Turn on/off in settings. Recommended to use on detailed routes (e.g. imported from tracks);
- Way point hints visible on the preview map on the watch;
- If you leave the route and get back, on the next way point you will always see an auto-generated hint;
- unlimited way points number allowed in the route editor.

After installation please check new settings (watch face / more settings) and send them to the watch.

See pictures below to find out when to turn on the Auto mode on the watch.
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One more movie with Rambler on the route:

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The latest (ok, there's already a newer build) beta Rambler version tested while cycling. Better to watch on YouTube directly.
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