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Do you like cheese? Check this game.



Arch Linux: install the one-more-cheese package from AUR

Also see the website:

As said in the previous post: the current Rambler version will be replaced with a combo of 2 apps, and it's going to happen soon. I still haven't received a single report from the beta version testers, neither on bugs found, nor if it works for you at all.

Join the beta channel here: (you must be a member of this community!)

Install the beta version, and the free Rambler GPX Editor app (you'll find a button to do it with one click). Test. Give feedback.

ATTENTION: before installing beta, save your current data to a GPX file, in case you need to revert to the old version. All your current content will be migrated to another folder on the phone (/sdRoot/RamblerSharedData), and it may take some time to recover them if something goes wrong.

I believe that the Rambler GPX Editor is really user friendly, but - in case you need help - you'll find Wiki here:

What's new:

GXP edition moved to a new, powerful, free, external application. Please install, check About / Wiki to learn more.

Manual route point hints abandoned. From now on all the route point hints generated automatically.

Navigation to POI includes a bonus feature: you can either navigate directly, or ask the Open Source Routing Machine for a route, based on the OpenStreetMap data. Note: at least for now, it depends on routing data from OSRM Demo Server, and there is no guarantee of uninterrupted operation.

Google Maps replaced with the OpenStreetMap background.

By using the application, you accept the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL). Please read About nad Credits.

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Attention Rambler users! Together with the upcoming next Rambler version, the built-in GPX editor will be replaced with a separate, external application you'll have to install. It's free, opensource, and - I do hope - better than what you have used so far. The Rambler GPX Editor app includes tracks management, Route Creator, and refreshed user interface. If you'd like to take a look and give feedback, you'll find the beta version here:

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Rambler pro just uploaded to the beta channel. Arrival after sunset indication added to the ETA widget in the Active watch face. It will display the down arrow character before "ETA" in the widget description if you're going to arrive at the target after twilight.

Rambler pro on the beta channel. This build includes an improvement which may be useful if your watch happens to loose location updates. It may occur especially when another app running on the phone requests GPS data frequently. From now on, during navigation, every each pass between active and ambient mode the watch checks how old the location data are. If the location age > 10 s, the listener will be removed, and the watch will request location updates again. Simply: if your watch stops refreshing data, just wake up the screen to restore updates.

- in the Active watch face your layout selection is being stored in settings;
- some minor changes made to default values at simplifying routes;
- the what3words Global Addressing System implemented on both phone and watch side (see the "What's new" message).

Join tests here:

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Eist returns now uses Google Play Games. See if you can beat my score!

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Achievements added. Unlock all to collect 45.000 XP!

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Google Play Games services added to the latest build of "Eist returns":

- saving/restoring the game state from the cloud, to sync across your all devices;
- leaderboards added (each level and total score).

Scoring rules: you start a level with 10.000 points. Each direction change takes away 100 pts. Each Eist's animation cycle measures time, and takes away 1 point. Select the shortest way to save as many points, as you can.

Some changes to the UI have also been done, to make space for two new buttons.

In development: saving multiple game state on demand (premium), in addition to the last state.

The public version coming soon. ATM you need to subscribe the beta channel to see this build:
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