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For those of you wanting a little review of Article II--Executive Branch--here is a quick 'crash course" video.

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Here is the second video about the informal powers of the president.

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Reminder!  Big Test Tomorrow!  You need to make sure you complete the review questions and have them when you walk in the room.  For those who need this, here are the essay question choices:

1. Name and explain two implied powers and the expressed powers from which they come.

2. Congress passes a law directing all exports of tractors to be sent to San Francisco, California.  After paying a tax, they will be exported from there.  The law was declared illegal.  Explain two reasons why.

Good luck studying.  If you have any questions, please email me.

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Direct and Indirect taxes video for page 9 in packet.

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Work for Today, 10/5/15

You will need to complete page 8 and 9 of your packet regarding Interstate Trade and Taxation.  You have two choices for the research--you can either use the videos below OR read sections in your textbook, chapter pages 296-303 (online textbook) or 290-300 in hard copy textbook.  These pages will be due Tuesday, 10/6 at the beginning of class.

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Now that you have read and answered questions about Article 1, section 1-10 of the Constitution, lets break it down to understand it a little bit better.  As you watch the video below, take notes on each of the sections of Article 1.  You can do this on a sheet of paper, but be sure to divide it according to sections.  The notes need not be complex...bullet points are fine.  You should have at least 3 bullet points for each section. This will be due at the beginning of class on Monday, September 21.

Homework and Reminder--

First, please make sure you bring your CHARGED chromebook to class tomorrow 9/3/15.  You will be taking an online assessment.  If you don't have a chromebook, you need to either get one from Chrome Depot or borrow one from a friend....figure it have 24 hours to solve your problem.

Second, you must have the Federalism--Who has the Power sheet AND the Venn diagram on page 14 of your packet done for tomorrow.  

Have a great evening!

Happy Friday everyone...

I hope you had a good day and that your weekend is just as good.  Please make sure that you finish the Constitution hunt you worked on in class today.  It is due at the beginning of the period on Monday.  

Thanks--see you Monday.

Homework 8/25/15
Basic Concepts of Democracy 
Page 7 in packet--found on page 20-22 in etextbook and 18-20 in hard copy of government textbook.

Identify the concepts and summarize each in no more than three lines under the 'definition" section of your worksheet.
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