Can you please let me know where we go to customise the colours/design of the Events page?

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Hi, MW!

Under Billing Options (for new memberships), we have 3 options:
Credit Card - Online, Credit Card - Recurring and Offline. For the two credit card options, the subtopic/line both state "Auto-Recurring Credit Card". We cannot change the Credit Card-Online payment option to remove the auto-recurring line. Any idea why? FYI, we did not enable the auto-recurring feature in until Feb 2018. Additionally, can members who renew online have the option of selecting any of these 3 options? We'd like to offer a 5% discount if they select Credit Card-recurring for both new and renewals. Thank you.

With reference to the 'Account Email' field and the 'Public Directory email' Field can I just check if I have got the functionality of these 2 fields right?

Scenario 1
Someone completes just the 'Account email' field. The 'send a message' feature in the Directory uses this email address to reply to.

Scenario 2
Someone completes both the 'Account email' field and the 'Public Directory email' field then the 'send a message' feature in the Directory uses the Public Directory email address to reply to

Is this right?

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We have a member that’s getting this error message when they try to log in to access a form. They’ve already tried logging in and out and clearing their history.

Let me know if you can help!



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I am trying to build the profile directory. What does this Custom HTML box do? What can I do with it? What HTML code can I put in there? Trying to make everyone's​ profile as robust and detailed as possible, and wanted to see if there is anything here worth exploring.

Hi +MembershipWorks -- we have our members pay dues and rent through Membership Works, and the payments are processed via Stripe. But when folks go into MW to update their credit card, Stripe creates a new customer account for them. That's a problem because all of their subscriptions (rent, dues) are in their older account. Is there any way to avoid this from happening?

I am trying to install SSL certificate and receiving error message. Does the organisation email address in MembershipWorks need to match the email address used to purchase the SSL certificate?


I've just deleted all accounts in our membership works platform in order to upload a spreadsheet of the updated member info. However, it tells me this would exceed our limit of users. Which can't be true as there are 0 users in the system now and the spreadsheet has less users on it than before.

Do I need to wait for the system to update so the billing flag will not be raised? If so how long? Our site is supposed to go live in a week.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Is it possible to merge 2 accounts? We want to become one organisation and have two accounts. The most important thing is to keep the event calender with old events from both accountants.

Hi, wondering do members automatically get a receipt if their membership auto renews? I can see that a membership payment has been taken on the timeline, but there is no confirmation on the timeline that a receipt has been sent. Please advise- thank you
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