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Elven Kingdoms Info

*Each kingdom can have a king, queen, and three children.*
Also the person who is the first to have a Royal in that kingdom decides the last name of the entire royal family.

↦ Sigoviel : Kingdom in the Sky.

Sigoviel is home to the Elves of the Sky. This place can only be accessed  through flying creatures or through teleportation. It is a beautiful floating island with buildings made of Marble and Quartz. In the center is where the Royal Palace sits. The Sky Elves are Elves that have an ability to control winds to a certain extent. They can make clouds and can create hurricanes and blizzards (Large storms take more than one person to create)

King - 
Queen - Jarmitore Aleandare ( +Hanna Bybee )
Prince/Princess - 
Prince/Princess -
Prince/Princess -


↦Dweliri : Land of Ice

Dweliri is a cold kingdom up in the north that is covered in ice. Most buildings are basically livable ice sculptures. Towards the back of the kingdom behind a wall lies the large castle of ice. The people from this kingdom are called Ice Elves, and they have the ability to control ice and snow. They can freeze things for a few seconds, (The royal family can freeze for longer) and they can learn Ice/Snow based magic.

Royal Name : Miranni

King - 
Queen - Cantana Miranni ( Corina Michels Can't Tag )
Princess - +Unknown Void​​​ Ivor (Ivory) Miranni
Prince/Princess - +Beartican Wolf Peter Miranni
Prince/Princess -


↦ Adiralath : Kingdom of the Flames

Adiralath is a fiery kingdom where the residents of this kingdom live on an active volcano. Being immune to fire and lava, it doesn't affect them, and since their homes are built to withstand the heat so no one loses their home. People from this region  can manipulate fire and can create flames from nothing.

Royal Name: Keuaakepo

King -
Queen -
Princess - Rosella Keuaakepo ( Miranda Jewels Can't Tag )
Princess -
Prince/Princess -


↦ Adoaria : The Kingdom of the Shadows

Adoaria is a kingdom to the east that is covered in shadows. A large dark cloud covers the area,  leaving it in eternal darkness. People who don't know the area will probably have difficulty seeing the dark coloured homes and dark coloured castle. Elves from this area can fade into shadows and can use dark magic like curses or hexes. A lot of assassins come from this area.

Royal Name : Malici

King - Esaorubic Malici ( +Kaneki Ken​ )
Queen -
Prince  - Athcer Malici ( +Beyond Birth​​​ )
Prince- Lucifer Malici ( +Ri Autouchie )
Princess - Elani Malici ( +Livie Di Angelo )


↦ Rheracien : Central Kingdom of Earth

In the center of the Elven region, there is a Kingdom that is made of Rock and Stone. Homes are made out of large boulders that were hollowed out. The castle is made like traditional castles are made, with stone bricks. Elves from this area can manipulate any earth based material and can use earth based magic. Many Glassmakers and Blacksmiths come from this area.

Royal Name: Viliamenue

King -
Queen -
Princess - Magali Viliamenue (Corina Michels)
Prince - Yarviathto Quilmarë Viliamenue (+Fαγαᴚɕ aka ফয়েজ)
Prince - Curumir Kemenion Viliamenue ( +Apoorv Namjoshi )


↦ Ocossi : Kingdom of Water

To the west lies the Water Kingdom. Small houses rest in the middle of small pools of water, that can be reached by a small bridge. The Palace is hidden in a area surrounded by large willow trees. Elves from the water kingdom can manipulate water and can use water based magic. Water Elves also have experience in healing, so most healers come from this region.

King -
Queen -
Princess - Calaerneth ( +Mari Groh Can't Tag )
Prince/Princess - 
Prince/Princess -


↦ Nelnaes : The Kingdom of Nature

The southern kingdom of Nelnaes is one of Nature. The whole kingdom is surrounded by forests with many animals. Homes are made with stone walls and leafy roofs. The palace is made from Quartz and has a beautiful central garden. Nature elves have the ability to speed up the process of growing plantlife and can communicate with animals.

Royal Name : Iytronel

King - Dalmas Iythronel ( +Saranja Draconna​​ )
Queen - Estalonia Iythronel (Me)
Princess - Wendali Iythronel (Me)
Prince/Princess -
Prince/Princess -

Can I share the link to my new fantasy rp community here?

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"God, this job is aggravating..."

Auduali walked along the border knowingly, not scared of anything that came by. Well, at least, she tried to look like it. She let out an exhausted sigh before plopping herself down on a tree trunk, deciding to take a little break. She shifted her hood to better hide her face before pulling out one of her daggers, beginning to clean it. She froze, hearing movement amongst the trees. Auduali quickly rose to her feet, looking around cautiously.

"...Show yourself!"

// Open //

[Name] Peter

[Age] 14

[Friends] Will update as I meet them through RP.

[Enemies] Will update as I meet them through RP.

[Height] 5ft 10in

[Weight] 140 pounds (I'll weigh myself tomorrow and get back to you on this one.)

[Skills] Magic, Swimming, Sword Fighting, Talking to dragons, Writing, Talking to girls and other guys. :D

[Species] TimeChild, Ice/Time&Space wizard. (Ask, and I'll tell you what the Time&Space part is all about. A TimeChild is a type of half Elf. They are semi immortal, can't die of old age, and can't get sick. They can't die unless killed in battle or by somebody. They can still be affected by magic that makes the target sick, and can still die from it, as it is an attack. TimeChildren can choose what age they appear to be. Peter does not change his. He will let his body age until 50 then turn it back. He still celebrates birthdays.)

[Race 2] Ice Elf

[Kingdom] Ice Elf Kingdom.

[Likes] Cold, Ice, Swimming, water, messing around with friends, drawing or writing, learning about mythical creatures and the like.

[Dislikes] Arrogant People, Rude People, Bullies, Fire, Intense Heat, Fire Dragons, People who refuse to sword fight him. (May be foam swords, may be Martial Arts Practice Swords.)

[Appearance] Has black hair with blue on the top. Wears blue clothing all the time. His armor is indestructible. He himself, is not.

[Magic Details.]

{Magic Type one: Ice Magic}

\\Can make things out of pre-existing ice. Can also pull water vapor out of the air to build something, more energy consuming. Common Creations: Sword, Staff, Spear, Mini Ice Castle, Scenes from his stories/ his past.//

{Magic Type Two: Space & Time.}

\\Can create portals. Does not work in a pool. Can slow down time on an object. Must be able to see target/ know where it is in Space, regardless of speed it is traveling. Does not work in a pool. Can re-equip his clothes, armor, and weapons by accessing his private pocket dimension. Must say "Time Vault Re-Equip." Does not work underwater, but will in snow or with a full mouth. If he closes his eyes he can sense an object more easily.//

[Sexuality] Bi, Leaning towards Straight.

[Bio] When he was 11 the island he lived on, (Called Kulnowan) and more specifically his hometown, was attacked by a enemy faction, (Theta Warriors). Tragically, his parents, and almost all the other adults had not survived.

He had been able to lead the majority of the kids, both older, the same age, and younger than himself, to safety, hidden in one of the caves that penetrated far into the mountain which overshadowed the town.

After the Enemy Faction (Theta Warriors) had gone, they had ventured out of the cave to find... An empty, burned town. The other towns, except the single town which had a small bay and docks and the rest, had been burned, but all, including the seaside town, were devoid of life, and of the dead. They were just... Empty.

When he discovered that everyone he knew except those who had come with him to the caves were gone, his powers had been unlocked, his emotional energy releasing a blizzard that had engulfed the island for an hour

Peter paced the halls. His powers were stronger now, but his magical energy decreased too much. This was maddening. He entered his room and sat on his bed, his back to the door, when:

[Open RP, please ask before joining, link your profile also please.]

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A quiet hum came from one side of the lake as the young elvish princess appeared from behind the trees, walking over to the bank with a large majestic white stag by her side. She sat down next to the water and began to play around with it, dipping her fingers in to produce ripples in the water. Her humming slowly turned into soft, peaceful singing.

// Open! //

Wolf lies down in the forest in the middle of the night, looking up at the stars and he sets his bow and quiver down beside him.

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It was getting dark and it seemed like the forest was a maze you also had a feeling of being watched as well so...

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Name: Fiona Healer
Age: 1600 years old
Race: Elf
Type: Fire/Nature
Kingdom: Nelnaes
Occupation: Mage/Warrior but mostly an Adventurer
Royal?: No
Personality: It depends
Likes: Kind people, Being alone, Music, Talking to animals, Her buddy Windrunner, and Being outside
Dislikes: Bullies, People telling her what to do, Parents, Being stuck indoors, Someone being mean to or hurting any animal
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In the forge, Curumir was muttering to himself. He had been designing a mechanical weapon, and he was making a new mistake every time. As he paused for a breather, he spotted you

((Open to all, shout out to +Ecthelion of the Fountain ))
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