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Be aware. There are fake Christian camps out there trying to convert lgbt+ people to being cis and straight. Please please please do not fall for it, we must stand together. Share this to raise AWARENESS!
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I wanted to ask this in other communities but I'll do it here because 2 peeps? There ain't going to be 100% chance of a comment war. But anyway.
Should there be another name for a transgender polysexual relationship?

So like if the relationship has a transgender willing to look after/out for the two cisgender in the relationship so 1-2 relationship should there be another name or keep it as polysexual/ a polyromantic relationship?

Or if it's vice versa so the 1 is a cis and the 2 are transgender. Should there definitely be a name for that one?

And what if it's all transgender so it's 1 transgender and the other 2 are transgender. Should that stay as poly?
(Let me know your ideas. Might post this in other communities)

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