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i aint a lawyer i just stooped by just to ask...
i havent seen my dad a long time since i was birth. and i wanna see him. to whom should i ask help? he is from 2807 faraon street st. joseph missouri and from 13705 56th avenue S., A208 seattle Washington.
his photo is attached for identity

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All employers in the United States are obligated by law to provide a reasonably safe and secure workplace for their employees. The federal agency in charge of these requirements is the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). 
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REPETITIVE MOTION INJURIES COMMON IN MISSOURI WORKPLACES - When you think about workplace injuries, what might first come to mind are sudden accidents causing injuries like broken bones and strained muscles. However, some of the most common work-related injuries occur over time, and they may be difficult to notice at first.
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Wrongful Death Cases
Kansas City Wrongful Death Attorneys

A Wrongful Death case occurs when the Negligence of a company or an individual causes a death. Wrongful Death cases often are a result of a car accident, drunk driving accident, boating accident, truck accident, propane and gas explosion or when a bar or restaurant over-serves alcohol to a patron. When a loved one dies in a fatal auto or truck accidents, it is difficult in the midst of grief to know what to do next. Every event that leads to the death of a loved one is different. Our law firm recognizes this and we do a careful investigation to determine the best approach to take based upon the facts of the auto or truck accidents, the victim’s circumstances and the family’s needs. At our law firm, our personal injury attorneys work on behalf of the victim’s estate and the family.

Statutes are in place for every state to establish procedures for bringing actions against the responsible party or parties; in this case, it is called a Wrongful Death Statute. These statutes list the proper litigants allowed to file suit in a wrongful death, including survivors such as spouses, children, parents and siblings among others. In order to preserve a claim under the wrongful death statutes a lawsuit must be filed in accordance with the timeframes of that statute. Our experienced Kansas City Wrongful Death attorneys are able to walk clients through the essential details of your case to bring optimum results.

Considerations for Wrongful Death Cases:

Choose a law firm who will conduct a thorough investigation of every wrongful death case. At McCollum & Griggs we have private investigators who are experienced in obtaining and preserving crucial information in these cases. Whether you suffered a personal injury caused by a dangerous road, a truck accidents caused by an exhausted truck driver or a poorly maintained truck, a car accident caused by reckless driving, or a faulty connection on a propane tank cause a deadly explosion, our law firm has the resources and experts available to investigate wrongful death caused by auto or truck accidents.
Choose an experienced wrongful death attorney. Wrongful death lawyers experienced in wrongful deaths know how to assist you in gathering all necessary information and bring it to litigation.
Seek representation as soon as possible to preserve crucial evidence. It is very important to contact an experienced wrongful death attorney as soon as possible after an accident in order to allow all of the necessary research and investigation to take place.
File a lawsuit to preserve your wrongful death claim. Different states have different time limits during which a plaintiff is allowed to make a claim for a wrongful death case. In order to be able to bring this claim, a lawsuit must be filed within the set time limits. To determine how much time you left in a wrongful death case, it is essential to contact an attorney experienced in wrongful deaths. Your right to file suit in a wrongful death case are permanently waived if the time limitation has passed and you will NOT be able to recover damages
When a loved one dies in a fatal accident, it is difficult in the midst of grief to know what to do next. At our law firm, our attorneys work on behalf of the victim’s estate and the family. Call the wrongful death accident lawyers at the McCollum & Griggs law firm in Kansas City, Missouri.

In one case our firm represented a family who had lost a mother, grandmother, caregiver, wage earner and companion due to a propane gas explosion. They cannot get back the person they lost, but they can claim financial restitution to pay for the victim’s suffering, to help in their recovery and readjustment to life, and to help emphasize the need for safety in the installation and maintenance of heaters. It took a thorough investigation by our law firm to identify all liable parties and to get this grieving family compensation.

In another recent case, our firm successfully represented a family who lost a important member of their family in a bicycle accident with an automobile. In this case, a young man was riding a his bicycle when he was tragically hit from behind by a negligent motorist. This young man was killed because a driver was not paying attention to the roadway. His mother and family members lost a very important part of their family. Obtaining a settlement for this family did not make up for the grievous loss they suffered but it did help take care of the enormous expenses this family incurred.

A Thorough and Timely investigation is critically important: Whether you suffered an accident caused by a dangerous road, a truck accident caused by an exhausted truck driver or a poorly maintained truck, a car accident caused by reckless driving, or a faulty connection on a propane tank that causes a deadly explosion, our law firm has the resources and experts available to investigate all types of wrongful death accidents.

The practical issues: There are many ways to structure a settlement or judgment obtained for our clients in a wrongful death claim. Our personal injury lawyers have the experience to determine the best approach for your family based on the facts of the case and your own financial issues.

If you are searching for a Kansas City injury attorney, the law office of McCollum & Griggs is close to major highways and provides private, free parking. If you cannot meet us at our office, we will come to see you — anywhere, any time. Contact our Kansas City wrongful death attorney at 816-474-0202 for a FREE consultation.

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Common Myths Regarding Auto Accident Injury Cases

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City Hopes “Snarky” New Traffic Signs Will Reduce Speeding Violations

The city of Hayward thinks you aren’t paying attention to speed limit signs anymore so they are changing them up in the hopes you will start noticing them again.  The new signs have graphics illustrating the also new and slightly “snarky” suggestions. Instead of a speed limit sign reading simply “Speed Limit” and and the corresponding number, these new signs make “jokes” about how speed limits aren’t suggestions  and to walk across the street before you update your social network status, not while you are updating.  The city is hoping people will notice the new signs and pay heed to them even if they don’t like them.  Just noticing and talking about them can help cut down on #speeding and other traffic #crime.  If you don’t notice the traffic signs in your town and you are ticketed, make sure to contact an experienced traffic ticket lawyer!

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Recent Gas Pipeline Explosion Kills One Worker - 
A worker in east Texas died recently in an accident caused by an exploding natural gas pipeline. These types of accidents are somewhat common and pose major risks to individuals who work in the natural gas industry. Although in some cases these explosions are simply accidents, in other situations negligence may be at fault.

#workerscompensation   #naturalgasexplosions   #pipelineexplosions   #workinjuries  

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A very interesting story about a woman whose life was turned upside down after she did not get a second opinion on her #diagnosis.

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Kansas Worker Killed in Construction Site Accident - 
A construction worker in Kansas died in late July after suffering serious injuries in a workplace accident. The 40-year-old man’s injuries reportedly occurred when his co-workers attempted to use a forklift to lift him up in a wooden box, which slipped off, causing the man to fall. 
The worker, who was in the country on a work permit from Honduras, landed on his head and was taken immediately to a local medical center. He later died from his injuries.
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