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Our days are happier when we give a piece of our hearts rather than a piece of our minds"
What we got in return was much more than what we can ever offer...
Our annual trips to the SOS Children's Villages, constantly reminds us that, we don't need special resources or training, things don't have to be grand, we don't even have to give up everything we have, we just simply have to care...
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"One hand can heal another and that one spark of goodness can start a fire".
We should never stop doing little things for others because sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.
We should constantly try to leave a little sparkle wherever we go because one day that little sparkle will enlighten our lives.
The smiles on their little faces made us believe that nothing that we do will ever go in vain.
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Join the 10th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest NOW!!! For Applications and more information visit

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Imagine. Create. Inspire.’
It all begins with dreams. They are free. They are infinite. They are the future. What’s your dream? Let’s draw it!
Join the 10th Global Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Now!

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Konsep Mobil Sport Baru Toyota
Toyota GT86 punya adik baru yang debut perdananya berlangsung di Tokyo Motor Show 2015. Dikenal dengan nama Toyota S-FR Concept, tampilannya nampak konvensional dan unik bergaya ala reinkarnasi dari mobil klasik Toyota Sport 800

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My daughter has big dream from small days. She drew pictures of these dreams on the wall. She drew them in colour choke pastel in those dreams, there were laughing birds taking fish, flying aeroplane and signing cars ect..
Both my wife and I took pleasure in watching those painting. in the middle of these event we had approached Toyota Lanka to take  note of little kids dreams ,therefor we are grateful to both the Toyota Lanka and Toyota Japan for making my daughter dreams true , I don’t have words to thank them !!!!
We are indeed fortunate for the all family for getting the opportunity to visit Award Ceremony held on Japan which is a very beautiful Country in the world!!!!!
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The Global Award Ceremony of the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest held in Tokyo, Japan.
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A car that allows us to communicate beyond the language barriers! 
Congratulations to Little Sethumdee Dewagamage!
Gold Winner - Age Category 1 
Global Toyota Dream Car Art Contest

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Here's a sneak peak into the memories of the 9th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Global Award Ceremony!

Date : 26th August 2015
Venue : Toklyo, Japan

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