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Good side: (description of how they look; picture if you have one)
Bad/Dark side: (description of how they look; picture if you have one)
Other: (any thing that doesn't go in the other catagories)
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This is my second of Leo Pit! Bio coming soon!


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Name: Grayson
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Grim Reaper/ Angel
Good side: Grayson's white hair is shoulder-length and tied in a loose ponytail and he has magenta eyes. He has scars on his neck and down his chest from fights (some from Yuri). He wears a black hoodie and gray jeans with combat boots. he carries his scythe with a strap on his back. he is average height for his age and lean-muscled.
Bad side: His eyes become pitch black and black lines like cracks appear all over his body.
Crush: his fried Yuri
Bio: Grayson is the abandoned son of the angel Gabriel and his reaper mistress Nyssa. He was found by a shape shifter and raised until his eighteenth birthday when he left his realm due to being kicked around by angels and grim reapers. He went to the human world where he met and fell in love with Yuri.
Personality: He is stoic but will do anything to protect Yuri. He doesn't like to talk much but may warm up to some people.

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Name: W.D. Gaster
Gender: Unknown
Species: Unknown
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown
Good side: unknown
Bad/Dark side: Unknown
Crush/bf/gf: Unknown
Bio: Fell into core spread through out universe
Personality: Unknown
Other: Created the Gaster Blaster

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