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Guys, morning!

I have this version of Manjaro (*see print-screen) in a laptop and Hibernation mode is a must for me, and here comes the 'problem'.

It is SUPER SUPER slow when I return to desktop throughout Hibernation. It takes ~5min + some few more seconds to re-open Chrome, GIMP, Telegram, etc. This is really annoying.

I am still using Manjaro in a HD Disk. So, I am not sure whether this slow is 'normal' or nope.

During my research some people said that it can be the fault of a driver, for example.

Does anyone here have any idea?! =\

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In this video I comment on the Manjaro Linux Forum and explain that it is important for Manjaro users to regularly check the frorum, especially the threads related to stable updates.

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Manjaro Deepin overview | Deepin flavored Manjaro.
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I need help with my Manjaro, it's refusing to even do the rountine update and keep reeporting that there's file conflics, How do i go about it and made the necessary update

Hello there community!

I have a tiny issue with wi-fi:
Every time I log into Plasma desktop it asks me all over and over again for a password for previously added wi-fi connections ...

I have tried different distros with KDE and only this one it does . . .

Don't you know why does it happen like this?_?

When I tried Manjaro MATE and GNOME it wasn't doing there . . .

Thank you in advance,
NItram from Norway

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Working and having fun 98.5% of the time om my manjaro kde plasma machine - how beautifully and snappily this system runs on it! The other 1.5% I still have to dual boot to m$ windows, for professional reasons... schniff, oh, boy, how frustrating those few moments are :'-(

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Just had to deal with this problem. Here's the fix:
sudo pacman -Rncs engrampa-thunar-plugin

sudo pacman -Syu
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