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New oc

Name: Water Spurting Kid
Age: 10
Weapons: Water
Disabilities: Has water shooting up his anus
Family: None
Equipment: Sandals, Shirt, and Shorts
Likes: Memes, Water
Dislikes: FairyFail
Height: 4' 6"
Weight: 60 pounds

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Name: Jacob Meze

Nickname: "Jake"

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Species: Human/Angel Hybrid

DOB: 7/4/1993

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 156.8 lbs

Faction: ■▪Wanderer▪■

A five and a half-foot long metal staff tapered to points on each end; a silver, diamond-edged gladius, twin .40 mm semi-auto gold-washed pistols.

He has been known to use electric energy for defensive or offensive purposes in an emergency, as well as ice for the same reason, but he doesn't know the full extent of his powers, which he keeps to himself.

Marcos Meze (Father, deceased)
Jane Elina (Mother, deceased)
Riza Mese (Younger sister, lost)

Light, multipurpose body armor that can effectively sustain heavy blows from man-made objects or enchantments, as well serve for other uses; a small satchel with vital survival tools as well as a first-aid kit.

Order, certainity, holy or sacred places, lighted areas, females of his own kind (but he doesn't mind other species as well), animals, plants, nature itself, as well as trying to find more good in humanity than evil. Also likes to flirt and tease at times, if the situation allows it.

Evil, chaos, darkness, the bad spectrum of humanity, corruption, destruction, doubt, anything that threatens to cause harm to people or the environment.

His mother was an angel, his father a human, as well as his sister. They were a pretty tight-knit family, until the zombies broke out over the country, of course. Trying to escape, they fled together in a car, only to be caught in a government bombing zone. One of the bombs from a B-17G carpet bombing strike caught the front end of the car, flipping it over on its roof instantly, sliding for about 37 meters upside down. His father was killed instantly, his neck snapped cleanly by the impact of the shell. As for his mother, well she was struck through the heart by a shard of glass. Luckily enough, his sister survived the wreckage and went in search for help, while he himself was unconscious from a blow to the head. It has been nearly two years since that particular incident, and he has not seen hide nor hair of his sister since then.


[Reaping Service]
1:57 PM
The Church of Salvation.

It was service at the church of salvation, not like normal church for a single religion however. Leon was able to get everyone to be tolerant and accept people's opinions and religious beliefs. It was hard, using threats of death as a motive. A choir sung as the preacher spoke, Leon sitting on the seat beside the preacher. The preacher spoke loudly and looked to Leon.

"Would you like to say anything to our brothers and sisters before they go onto this forsaken land?"


"Yes, Father Leon?"

"The next time you call me father..."

"Sorry. You may all go onto the world now. Help and do your best to get food for the church."

The 5 others in the church left the church, leaving the door open. Leon started unwrapping a caramel from his pocket, mumbling complaints.


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"My name is chef"
"I have Crippling Depression"

Name: Chef iDubbbzTV

Nickname: Chef

Age: 25

Gender: Chef

Species: Chef

DOB: July 27th, 1991

Height: 1.845 meters (6ft 1in)

Weight: N/A

Faction: Wanderer

Weapons: Chef's Premium Frying Pan and Hair Cake

Family: Too lazy to put it here

Equipment: Chef's Hat, Wheelchair IDK

Likes: Chef

Dislikes: Not Chef

Data/Bio: Chef

Disabilities: Crippling Depression
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"Next time you call me father, I'm gonna' blow your nose off."

"Listen here you little shit. I may be a priest now, but I'm no where near that. I run this church and I let your ass in here. Either you help out or I let you get eaten."

Name: Leon Torrez Seigheart

Nickname: "Father" Leon (Due to taking charge of the church his father ran), Priest (Due to some seeing him and think of a priest when he isn't pissed)

Age: It is unknown but is guessed he is 19.

Gender: Male

Species: Reaper (Only if you allow it however.)

DOB: December 14

Height: 5ft 5in

Weight: 127lb

Faction: (If you will allow it.) Church of Salvation

Weapons: A 1887 Einfeild and a Durable katana bought from the internet before the apocalypse.

Family: He had his brother. However, he has no idea of his location as well as his mothers. His father is dead unfortunately.

Relationship: He has one and doesn't exactly plan on one, seeing as he is, as his father calls "not reaper enough to go for it."

Equipment: He has nothing on him except bullets and some painkillers.

Likes: He has a taste for caramel candies, as it is one of the few things he likes on this world. He also likes the internet as it was unusual to him.

Dislikes: Unfortunately, he dislikes people who take refuge in his fathers (but now his) church and do nothing to help. He also dislikes the now probably endless amount of "withering" bodies as it makes his job harder.

Data/Bio: During his time on the earth, he has seen a lot. He doesn't exactly find much of it interesting. With the apocalypse however, it is less of an exploration and more work. His father ran a church however and since his death, he has ran it. With running a church and putting souls to rest, he has became more "of himself" instead of a top notch reaper like his father wants.

(Please, ignore the fire.)

muerto lies back in his warehouse, waiting for someone to offer him a new job. He takes a a swig of his rum and leans in back in his chair

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Name: Unknown, but referred to as "El Muerto"
Age: around mid- 30's
Sex: Male
Weapons: 8-inch combat knife, dual wield pistols, pump shotgun and scoped rifle
Place of birth: southern mexico
Bio: a pre-infection bounty hunter who now does what he can to survive, but remains mainly neutral when it come to others. He comes from Mexico and as a young child was forced to fend for himself, he never accepted help from anyone as he believed it made him weak. soon by the age of 14, he was already a strong man, he was hired for many construction jobs and loading cargo onto cars. When he became 18, he decided to take to crime as he still lived in poverty despite working 10 hours a day. He was admired by many cartels for his skill in getting things done so he was taken in by a cartel and was given his name: "El Muerto" But his entire cartel family would be caught in a drug bust and El Muerto was left alone. so then he became a Bounty hunter/Mercenary, and he was good at it. Now the world is coming to an end and he must, and will survive.
Mental state: 75%
Pets: none
Endurance: 8
Agility: 5
strength: 9
likes: the thrill of the fight and tequila
Dislikes: Cowards and weak opponents
Faction: can be any if paid the right price (in bullets and equipment)
Added info: he has no known relatives and boast incredible durability.

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quotes: "listen here amigo chum ol' buddy ol' pal if you hurt my family I'll make your life a living FUCKING HELL"

Name: Steven "Steve" Lawson

Nickname: helmet boy (of reasons of course) ninja biker guy (due to his knowledge of stealth) that bat shit crazy kid (due to his "personal" interaction with the raiders)

Age: 19

Gender: male

Species: human

DOB: March 2 1997

Faction: wanderer

Weapons: katana, 6 throwing knifes

Family: twin brother— Alex Lawson, sister— Emily Lawson, father— Jackson Lawson, mother— Susan Lawson

Equipment: six to seven knife holsters around his waist. A helmet

Likes: smoking (only when stressed) scaring the shit out of Raiders

Dislikes: Raiders, cannibals, others crazies

Data/Bio: like his brother he searches for his older sister. He is known to be the most brutal twin turning Raiders into bloody diced up pieces and also sorta insane.
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