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Name: Brandon Shelly
Age: 16
Parents: Poseidon, Tia Shelly
Powers: can control water and heal others with water, can cause hurricanes, and talk to horses and sea creatures
Weapons: a sword, and a crossbow( for sone reason) and my trident.

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Name: May Weatherly
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Parent: Zeus, Kayla Weatherly.
Powers: Lighting powers, can create storms.
Weapons: Can use a sword, best with a bow (For some strange reason)
Likes: The rain, The color green, animals, the sun.
Dislikes: Swimming, the color pink, Clarisse.
Fears: She fears she will one day end up like her mother.
Bio: May came to Camp Half blood when she was eight. She watched her mother die at the hands of a Cyclops, ever since then May has done nothing but train, wanting so desperately to avenge her mother. She always admired Thalia's sacrifice and hoped she would be as brave as her sister.

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Name- Mickey
Age- 12
Gender- female
Parent- Poseidon
Powers- controlling water, and talking to sea animals
Wepons- bow and arrows and sword
Likes- pizza, all sea animals, and Drowning Pool
Dislikes- snubs, rude people, and anything pink
Bio- (is that looks I'm only 12) auburn hair and blue eyes, pale skin

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Name: Dick Grayson
Age: 16
Gender: male
 Parent: poseidon
 Powers: control of water 
  Weapons: staff
  Likes: water, friends 
 Dislikes/Fears: people getting hurt because of him
  Bio: his parents were killed when he was eight, he had been from care home to care home. never fitting in. when he was 13 he was attacked by monsters and had been on his own ever since. 

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Name: Bill Stink

Age: 19

Parent: Hades

Powers: Can fart hard enough to make others unconscious. Can create and throw fireballs at others. 

Weapons: Blue gloves

Likes: Thick coats, blue gloves, girls with black long wavy hair

Dislikes: His father, males who get with the girl he wants first.

Bio: Actually nobody was every around him because of his horrid farting. 

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Name: Dan van Mccoy

Age: 17


Powers: Can control water movement, and forge breathing masks( masks that help others breath underwater)

Weapons: Long cyan sword

Likes: Cats

Dislikes: dogs

Bio: His father cast him out because Dan's ill manners caused the death of one of his best friends. After his imbannedment, Dan wandered off to find a new home. It isn't until he came to camp half-blood that TommyLee could straighten him out.

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Name: Frank Ladoyce

Age: 25

Parent: Zeus 

Powers: Can yell loud enough to make people fall asleep

Weapons: Bow

Likes: purple, long hair, girls with blond hair

Dislikes: His father, males who get with the girl he wants first.

Bio: He believed he was born an elven king, but everyone in his homeland told him he was a half-blood of the god Zeus.  He went mad and soon found himself at camp half-blood.

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Name: Beduce almalo

Age: ???

Parent: ???

Powers: Can shape shift into any person

Weapons: Boomerang

Likes: t-shirts, beards, jumping all around, eating green veggies

Dislikes: Crowded rooms

Bio: As a shapeshifter, we really don't know who gave him life.
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