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Name: Fluttercord
Age/ Life Stage: Filly
Realm: MLP
Home: Ponyville, with her mother and father.
Personality: Sweet, easily angered, shy, sensitive, dangerous when mad.
Parents: Fluttershy and Discord.
Evil or Not: She's Neutral
Story/ Bio: As a REALLY young filly, when she learned to speak, at that time, many fillies made fun of her. She wondered what was wrong with her.
Appearance/Other: She fears being turned to stone. The only error in the picture is the blue patch around her eye, and one wing is a dragon wing, the other is a normal Pegasus wing.
Cutie Mark: She's a filly, so she doesn't have one, but when she's older, her Cutie Mark will be a butterfly with an Everfree vine coming out of it.
(Credit goes to Google!)

1. Just because they are CHILDREN of Villans, it doesn't mean they ARE Villans!
2. Yes, there can be violence, but NO KILLING OR BLOOD, PLEASE!!!
3. Be fair, for StarClan's sake!
4. NO CURSING, SPAM, HURTFUL WORDS, SCAM, OR HARASSING/ VERY WEIRD WORDS (unless your character is very weird)!!!
5. Relationships are alright!
6 (and most important). Have fun. And don't be a party pooper, nobody likes smelly, dirty parties... WHAT?!

Here's the form:
Age/Life Stage:
Realm (what character it EXACTLY is, like a Warrior Cat character):
Evil or Not:
Story/ Bio (if you want to include it):
(Oh, and here, IF your character is an MLP character, this is the space to include the Cutie Mark!)
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