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Name: Virgill
Age: 14
Pokémon: Victini
Type: Fire/Psychic
Gender: Male
Nature: Timid
Level: 27
Ability: Victory Stars (Power's up allies in a battle)
Moves: Psychic, V-Create, Thunder, U-Turn
Likes: Battling, Fire, and other nice pokemon
Dislikes: Water,and evil
Bio:  One day I was with my abusive trainer who always attacked me If I didn't give him power.  One day I stood up for myself and left the house and now Is in the wild looking for new friends, adventure and strong opponents to battle.

I walk the dungeons with a lamp Tini???

+princess hillary Am I the other Victini or is there already another one?

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Name: vaperon
Age: 15
Gender: male 
Likes: water run free
Dislikes: mean people
Bio: only hangouts with Pokemon no trainers

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Name: Day
Species: Scyther/Volcarona
Gender: male
Level: 12
Moves: silver wind
Things to know: blind and deaf but is recovering, and son of the king of scythers (Judgement).
Appearence: like the picture, has 6 orange wings

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I finally found a name ^^

Princess Hilary!!!

I am named Hilary because Hilary means happy and happy is my main personality!

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Name: (No name yet)
Species: Shiny Eevee
Gender: Female
When I evolve: Shiny Umbreon
Likes: Dancing, friends, butterflies, music
Dislikes: people killing butterflies, bullies, bad singers
Bio: Over the years my life had been tough. I never talk about it and all that people know was that I was abused by a trainer.
Princess of: Eevees
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Moves- Dragon pulse, Psychic, ice beam and Energy ball
Likes-Join group/members
Dislike-Fairy, mean comments
Bio- Living in the Hoenn. "I would be a great pokemon!" Be friendly. Not being mean to u or other if we have a fight. Trevels the world.
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Name: Pichu
Nickname: Sparky
Level: 3
Species: Tiny mouse Pokèmon
Likes: Watermelon
Dislikes: evil watermelon
Moves: Thunderbolt, volt tackle,iron tail and Thunder wave
Gender: Male
Ability: lighting rod 

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Name: Meta knight
Age: 400 (20)
Weapons: Galaxia (sword)
Likes: Swords and fighting for friends
Dislikes: NME, and evil
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