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omg I signed up AGAIN to Anarchy Online.   can't ever make a clean break with this game.  
Saw the updated new player experience.  Jury is still out whether its an improvement or not.  It definitely nerfs the new toons.

wtb Leet Stuffed animals. None on ebay....

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Just in case this is news to anyone, there is a dedicated Anarchy Online Teamspeak 3 Server called AOSpeak. For AO players by AO players!
There is a bot in game called "Speak". The bot has everything you need to join AOSpeak.
Send /tell speak join in game and the bot will link your AO character to your Teamspeak identity and give you a link to connect. If you connect without using the bot your access will be restricted to the Reet's Retreat channel.

You can register all of your alts and the bot will show who's in game by changing the icons next to your name in TS and change your description to show which alts are registered and are currently online. 
There is also integration with Budabot to show who is online from your Org or the whole server.

Speak will create a channel for any org that requests it (must be org leader and then /tell speak org) and will make the org leader the channel admin. We currently have about 40 Org channels. The server auto deletes unused org channels after 30 days of inactivity.
You can create temp channels in your org channel or in any of the Teams and Raids channels.

The server has been around for over two years now. We have had all the AO greats in there at one time or another. Means, Kintaii, Vhab and Michizure are the ones that come to mind. Michi actually joins frequently.

This is by far the best way to play AO with your friends and org-mates.
Chat about AO or anything! We have several game related channels for those that are taking a break from AO. We also have and AOSpeak dedicated forums for issues or suggestions:

Stop in anytime. I'm usually hangin out in the Tech Support channel.


MC Labs -  Host of AOSpeak

Teknologist - Engie
Teknocrat - Crat (220/70/30)
Teknite - Sol (220/66/26)
Teknotron - Doc (220/55/26)
Tekneon - Trader (206/35/19)
Various others..

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Hey! I've been working on a new item site for AO the past year or so, and made a thread on the AO forums about it. You can read more about it in this posts link, or you can go directly to 

Please keep in mind that it's still under development. Feedback is extremely welcome!

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A look at the professions through the POV of a Fixer:
Lounge L33ts Episode 8 Reets Retreat-The Glass Floor Room

+Andrew Zbikowski Is there a time table yet for implementation of the new gfx engine to test or live?

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A reminder to people who want maximum character slots - if you are a subscriber during the next patch you will receive 12 character slots, else the number will be 10 for future subscribers and 8 for froob accounts.

Hi all,
Quinci - Ragnarok - RK1 checking in
I started with AO in 2002.
I am now 34 years old and some of my best RL friends today is ppl I met in Anarchy, best game I ever played.
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