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Jojo's bizarre adventure is having a live action movie. Cause anime abductions do so well just look at the DragonBall Z live action movie or the attack on titan movie. I personally won't be watching this because I think the anime is over the top as is which is what I like about it but in live action...I doubt it'll do well. Even the characters so far look comedic. Jojo reminds of the Jojo's cosplayer meme. If you're going to watch it or think it'll be okay let me know in the comments.

I have a PS3 and bored of the games I have. Suggest me some please.

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Recently I was told about this show Villainous. Though I had to read subtitles cause it was in Spanish and not even on the air yet I still liked the show. It reminds me of a few other villain based shows Cartoon Network had and that took me back. I was and still am excited for this show but what bothers me is the already cancerous Fandom from the cancer of the Internet Tumblr. I kept seeing complaints about the Fandom before I found out what the show was so when I came looking for the show you know all I saw was boys fucking. Th show isn't even out yet and people managed to ruin it. But I'm still excited for the show to come out hopefully in America as well. But will I associate with the Fandom ? No.
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