Dear all, a friend who is a dharma teacher has asked for recommendations of books for a pediatrician he knows, and I'm reaching out to ask for your favorites:  favorite books on mindfulness and parenting, favorite mindfulness books for kids and for teens.  Thanks so much for any and all suggestions!

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Didn't someone mention a medical mindfulness group at UAB?

For anyone interested, the UAB meditation group is starting up again.  They meet on Tuesdays (starting with 10/22) from 12:10 to 12:50 in the UAB Women's and Infants building, room 5320.

I just wanted to wish the folks heading over to Mississippi this weekend a wonderful, fulfilling experience!  I will actually be in Batesville myself tonight and tomorrow for work, and will be sending good thoughts to all of the retreat participants.  I will see everyone who is not going to MS at meditation Sunday morning.

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven't made it to meditation the last couple of weeks, my life has been somewhat chaotic (in a good way).  I've been trying to keep up my practice on my own, but miss you all and all of the support I get form the group.  I should be there this Sunday.

Hi Folks, just wanted to let those of you who are hoping for home hospitality in Mississippi on the night of the 28th . . . I've finally made contact with folks at the Oxford UU Church who are working on it for us!  Monica, Mary, Wells . . . . I think that's it.  Really looking forward to the Day of Mindfulness :)

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Here's a link to the site that I have mentioned with many hours of audio lectures by Stephen Batchelor (as well as other Buddhist scholars).

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Also at the community meeting, Deborah made a suggestion of this book:

as our next reading.  Both Malcolm and I have read it and really like it.  I think it will stimulate a lot of good discussion.

Welcome to our new community!

As discussed at the last Community meeting, we thought that this might be another place where we could share information, book suggestions, insights, event announcements, and encouragement with each other.
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