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"My name is Vanessa Silver-Stone, but I've also been called Vanessa Frost as an insult by kids when I was little, but I accepted that into being my nickname."

"I've been alive for 19 years now, and still I get mocked about my appearance, but still I wish to live longer, hopefully I will."

"I'm 5 foot 10 almost 5 foot 11, I'm about 6 foot 8 in my next form, and I'm 8 foot 2 in my final form when standing on spider legs and if I'm on my regular feet in this form I'm at least 6 foot 3."

"I weigh around 156.23 pounds normally, my next form is about 168.9 pounds, and my last form is 229.7 pounds total but if it was just me in that form I'd be 165.2 pounds."

"I'm sure that I'm a Female, but at times I'm not sure."

"From my human parents side I'm an Imperial, but originally I was supposed to be a spider."

Character rank:
"I'm strong enough to be classified as a warrior."

"I'm a Chemist, but I also make some money as a trappist, and spends my time exploring."

Armor type:
" Its quite Light"

Armor set:
"I use my customly made Spider Silk Robe."

Fighting style:
"I'm used to One-handed."

"I carry four Iron Daggers w/Frostbite Poison Applied, for each of my hands that can skillfully use them."

Magic spells:
"The only spells I know are Flames, Sparks, and Regeneration."


Egg Form
When she was born she wasn't born into what she supposed to have been, this allows her to become a little more like the spider whe was gonna be. This has a few stages that come with additional changes to her personality, and abilities.

What Spiders Do
When in her Egg Form she can easily cscale walls, and climb some smooth surfaces.

Poison Resistance
Due to her Frostbite Spider blood she has a 25% resistance to poisons. (when in Egg Form she becomes 50% resistant to fire.)

Web Weaving
Shes able to create webbing and use it or spider silk found in caves to create cloths, armor, or too upgrade and strengthen armor, but mainly for weaving a trap to catch her food.

Poisonous Kiss
She can use glands found in her upper and lower lip to excrete a low dose of venom onto her lips. Then she grabs them before they could react and kisses them applying the poison not only on they're lips but in they're mouth as well. (When in Egg Form she can change the type of poison at will.)

"My Hometown was and still is the cave under Helgen."

" I'm Quite Sensitive when it comes to my appearance, because of it I'm also Quiet, and Shy, but if I fall for someone I'll defend them with my life. I can get agressive when feeding, but I also like to play with my prey."

"I like to be left alone, I like the quiet, and I like to Weave."

"I dont like being teased about my appearance, I hate it being too cold, and I especially hate it being too hot."

Marital status:
"Yes, I'm Single, I mean who would want to be seen in public with a four armed, silk weaving freak of a woman."

Additional things about her:
(Changes aren't permanent, and will vanish when she reverts back to her normal form.)

"I have spiders fangs on the inside of my mouth stored in the pouches on my cheeks, have small extra eyes above my eyes but I keep those closed, my eyes are a ruby red color."

Stage 1:
"My additional arms have vanished and have been replaced by legs on my back, also my human reproductive organ seemed to have vanished or have been closed off giving me no need for cloths. Then along my spine there is a a gap that opened up that allows me to weave and lay out webs faster. And my fangs are now able to slide out through pockets on the outside of my cheeks. I have to becareful because for some reason I'm feeling more agressive then normal."

Stage 2:
"I have regained my calm sense. The legs on my back extended down my spine and formed into a thorax, and soon an abdomen, with the legs connected off to the sides of it, it feels as if I'm just sitting on it with my human legs dangling off, but also that its a part of me. I can now spin webs at faster rate, I even made myself a new kimono but it doesn't cover my chest despite my reproductive system opening back up. Also I finally got the courage to opened my other eyes."


(Left to Right)
1) Normal
2) First stage Egg Form
3) Second Egg Form
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Shiara Balik


167.28 lbs.


Former Priestess
A Dwemer Ruin Guardian

Dwemer Cyborg/Cyborg Snow Elf

The last known personality traits she had are Defensive, Curious, Heroic, Kind, Gallant, and Playful. But before the Dwemer she was also Flirty.

2x Dwemer Swords
2x Dwemer Daggers
Dwemer Bow w/56 Dwemer Arrows

Armor type:

Her mechanical body was built with a combination of Dwemer metal and Bone Plates for her protection.

Magic Spells:
Spark, Flames, Frostbite, Healing.


Armored Plates
Her armored plated body deflects even the most fatal of physical blows, but its main purpose was to give her a higher magic resistance. She has 75% magic resistance, and 17% physical protection, 10% Fire and Ice protection.

Immortality/Eternal Youth
Not much needs to be said because elves live a long time while still looking young, and machines don't really age.

Resist Disease
Being part machine makes her 67% more resistant to diseases.

Restoration Malfunction
Being a machine her physical body is machanical but it runs off of living organs causing her restoration spell to only affects her organs, so it only heals her by 13% being mostly machine she can repair herself at a Blacksmiths forge, using the forge, a grinding stone, and the smelter.

Shiara was a Priestess when her kind still lived, she had a husband and two children, she even contributed to making peace with the human species. And during the time of extinction she has gone underground but refused the fungus that the Dwemer used to blind her people, instead she agreed to help protect they're new home. In order to do this she also agreed to letting them turn her into one of they're animatronics. She till functions and thinks with her brain, her nerves, and her heart, but almost her entire body is now composed of Dwemer metal and special bone platings allowing her to resist hits from magic and weaponry. And shes been that way ever since, during the war with the falmer she had abandoned her family and the Dwarves and disappeared deep within the very ruin she was protecting, and she remains there to this day.

Romantic interests(if any):

Relationship status:

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Talissa Dalgriim



146.92 lbs.


Dark Elf

Character rank:
Expert Level Mage, Apprentice Level Warrior, and a Novice Level Alchemist.

Black Smith

Fighting style:
One-Handed, and Magic (Pyromancy)

Ebony Dagger

Ancient Falmer Armor

Armor type:

Magic spells:
Flames, Fire Bolt, Fire Rune, Healing, Oakskin, Magelight, Summon Familiar, Sparks, Raise The Dead, Fireball, and Incinerate.

Active effects/Abilities:

Ancestors Wrath
She sets herself on fire for a short amount of time, this will result in the start of setting enemies that get too close on fire, dealing minor but constant damage.

Pyro's Effect
Whenever she gets hit by a flame or set on fire the flames of her fire magic gets 9% boost. And due to this being her nature it gives her conjurations a fire attribute, making them 5% more resistant to ice, and can deal extra fire damage with they're attacks.

Resistant to Frost
Due to growing up out on the cold streets of Windhelm she gained a 45% resistance to Ice damage.

Blue Fire
When in extremely cold conditions her body will heat up boosting her fire magic by 75%, causing the flames to become blue hot being able to melt ice, and deal extra fire damage. And when Ancestors wrath is active shes 12% more resistant to ice damage.

She was found in Windhelm but won't say where she came from.

Shes a pyro so she likes setting things on fire, but shes also considerate of what shes burning, like most dark elves she doesn't like strangers but would help them if they needed it, although shes an honorable fighter because she would only attack a standing opponent, this isn't true if shes fighting for her life, shes mainly meek but if given the chance she can be quite agressive.

Talissa likes to eat when she can, to sun bathe when the suns out, she likes setting things on fire, exploring new places, and romance.

She hates most nords in Windhelm, the war, and imperials. She doesn't like being in the cold, so she barely likes to go swimming either. Talissa especially hates fighting ghosts, Ice Wolves, frost trolls, and ice wraiths.


Marital status:

Bio: Talissa Dalgriim first appeared on the frozen streets of Windhelm when she was 9 years old, although she claimed to know where she came from, and who her parents were she refused to tell where or who they are. She survived by becoming a beggar, this lead her to working at the forge, she made weapons and armor in return for gold and warm food.

Her gift in fire magic came soon after; when she was attacked by a bandit during a raid a few years later, after the attack she was working for the Jarl lighting up the torches around the city and barrels of fire for the homeless, she found put fire salts in the torches and barrels causing the fires to stay lit even in the cold winter winds. And in return Talissa recieved warm cloths, hot food, and a place to sleep.

One winter while she was out gathering berries for her next meal, she was approached by a strange man whom appeared to be an elf, and he seemed to be in a rush when he gave her a roll of paper, then disappearing further into the north. This paper had the instructions on how the snow elves made they're Ancient Falmer armor, she then spent all of her life savings, and most of her years perfecting it into the armor she now uses, its a combination of Quick-Silver, Steel, and Moonstone. Plus making an Ebony Dagger along the way.

But when Ulfric Stormcloak became Jarl she was kicked out of the palace and was forced to live in the Gray-Quarters, which soon was filled with other dark elves, she even began to get accused of being an imperial spy, comstantly insulted, and threatened from the newer nords that moved in, she was always insulted as a child but never this much. So Talissa takes any and every chance she gets to get out of Windhelm, but when she can't she'll stick around the Gray-Quarters reading one of her romance books.

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