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Name: Polaris
Age: 2 years (young adult in wolf years)
Gender: Female
Appearance: black and grey mixed fur (Alexander archipelago wolf)
Rank: Hunter
Bio: Pretty much normal for half her life until her sister, crescent was killed by a snake while hunting and her mother died of sickness,although her father is still alive

//just tell me if I need to add anything else XD,I'm new here

lays beside my dead mother whimpering weakly

Name: doesn't have one
Age: newborn
Appearance: solid white fur with silver tail

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Everest - hunter
dark blue eyes, female

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Name: Shadow Fang
Gender: Male
Appearance: Below
rank: psi
personality: strong,likes to be alone,agile,quick,average intelligence
bio: new wolf to the pack, used to be a loner,family was killed

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Name: Goldie
Sex/ Gender: Female
Mate: None
Color of fur: Golden top half, and white bottom half.
Eye color: Ice blue
Pack: Lone wolf
Ranking: None
Description: Loves to cuddle, Friendly, Lonely, No family, Family died from hunter, only one to survive.
Talents: Pouncing, Hunting, Running, Guarding, very helpful.

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Name: Onyx Soul
Gender: She Wolf
Appearance:  A pure black wolf as shown below with light brown eyes, darker bands of brown towards the pupil
Rank: (None yet) --- loner
Bio: Being a loner wolf and no one to depend on or watch her back she makes it a rule to hold her own, if its fighting to retreating she makes sure she stays alive. She doesn't trust much other wolves either, having her main reaction to them be either attack or flee.

My brown eyes stared out from beneath my thick black pelt, my thin pink tongue hanging out of my jaw as I trotted along the edge of the territory, my black nose breathing in deeply, catching scents of the wolves belonging to this pack. My right ears perked behind me, wavering there for a second, listening for possible sounds of the wolves belonging to this pack. Nothing I thought. I paused staring out deeper into the territory, my long legged frame still. Should I go I think. Not belonging to a pack, I am unsure of how this pack will respond to me entering, already I feel as if I am too close for comfort. The smell of this pack lingers in the air, as I take another deep breath in through my nose. I stare, waiting to see if one of the wolves or the entire pack will show themselves. they must be aware of my presence by now I think.

Is it alright if I am a hybrid of wolf, fox, and hawk

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Name- Coda
Age- 15
Rank: Lone Wolf
Gender: Male
Coda had a family, he had friends, he had a nice, peaceful life with his old pack. But as he grew into his teen years, he began to drift away from his pack, searching for something new, an adventure that will give him a thrill that he so much desires.
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