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Buongiorno a tutti e un felice martedì.
Iniziamo la settimana con il sole e tanta voglia di mare, oltre che di sorridere ed emozionarci per cui anche oggi andiamo a curiosare tra le pagine del mio romance ironico Finché Pamlico Sound non ci separi, chissà cosa combinano Isla e Finley diventati…
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How do you start a discussion Post for the first time on your blog or Book Blog? Come and leave your comments. I will talk with you on here.

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Start a new exciting #historical #medieval #fantasy #romance #adventure with PRINCESS OF BRETAGNE, Curse of the Lost Isle book1, based upon post-Arthurian legends, in ebook and paperback everywhere - only $2.99
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806 AD - Alba (Ancient Scotland) - As the Vikings raid the coast of Alba, Pressine of Bretagne sets out to seduce King Elinas of Dumfries, chosen by the Goddess to unite the tribes against the foreign invader. Elinas, still mourning his departed queen, has no intention to remarry. Head strong and independent, Pressine does not expect to fall for the very attractive, wise and noble ruler... Furthermore, her Pagan nature clashes with the religious fanaticism of the king’s Christian heir, who suspects her unholy ancestry and will stop at nothing to get rid of her.

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Imagine crashing on the wrong planet with the settlers and animals of Noah's ark! #standalone in the Chronicles of Kassouk #5star #scifi #romance #series with kick-butt heroine. "Filled with action, adventure, greed, betrayal, and love... writing style is crisp and easy to read. Schartz excels at world building as she layers the humans' discoveries starting with the citadel, then the Godds, and then tossing in the Zerkers. The dialogue adds a rich authenticity to the story. It's the little touches which bring the humanity into the story from Viking the cat to Tabor's horseback riding lessons. Sally Pink Reviews

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🤔🤔 🤫🤫How about Ramiel? 👇👇

Have you met him?🤭😮🙃😃😍 You should!! 😋😍😉💋💋
P.T. Macias
P.T. Macias

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By: Courtney Shockey
Finding South (A Soul Magic Serial Book 2)
(¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•`★ #AvailableNow★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Peggy Myers is the best geographical excavation research contractor money can buy. She travels all around the world relentlessly with her toucan, Ion. As long as she has his company and a big tub to soak in, she's happy. Everything in her life is perfect. Especially the mysterious man that haunts her dreams.
She dreams of sunny beaches and coconut drinks, laughter and happiness. In the fantasy, a furious storm rolls in as the enigmatic man emerges from the waves. His features aren’t fully visible. The parts that Peggy can see make him, quite literally, the man of her wet dreams. He's wild, untamed, and the beating heart behind the storm.
But what happens when he shows up one night, before she goes to sleep? Will Peggy be pulled under the waves or will she ride them out with him?

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Fast Forward to Fete des Meres (Mother’s Day) on May 28, 2017: Simone, the star poodle wants to let you know: “Bonjour. Je suis Simone. Today I want to dance because we’re celebrating all mothers in France!

So, here’s to French meres and French pet meres! Our butler, Ardsley, may be from the UK, but ‘Vive la France’ on this holiday!

I hope that all US moms and pet moms that come from France, have a great Fete des Meres, too!

Poodles were the national dog of France centuries ago, and that’s why we’re often called ‘French poodles.’ And, bien sur, (of course), the French still love us.

The French name for poodles is ‘caniches,’ which translates to ‘canard – duck dogs’ in French. But, why ducks, you may wonder? Well . . . Poodles used to chase quacking ducks and other water fowl, and we’re still good at it. At least that’s what I hear. Not moi, though.

Personally, as a poised Manhattan caniche, I’d rather strut up and down Park Avenue, and show off my fluffy pompoms and stylish haircuts (which vary depending on the season).

Je comprends (I understand) French and when the situation calls for it, je parle francias (I speak French). And, Frank, my devoted dog walker, understands French and poodle talk.

I love French food since Frank takes me and Mojito, my Chihuahua walking partner, and sometimes Ricardo (my poodle boyfriend) to Café Beaucoup, the French restaurant on Madison for lunch. J’aime (I love) the delicious duck a la orange (with orange sauce), steak tartare, and filet mignon that the waiters serve us.

And, then there’s chocolate mousse, soufflé, and champagne. Why there’s too many French delicacies to name! My humans love to indulge and don’t even have to worry about the bulge FYI, Grace and Raymond work out at an Upper East Side health club, to burn calories.

Speaking of Grace, she made a chocolate soufflé, and it dropped, but she didn’t tell pop. Maybe Jorge (Ricardo’s person and a great chef) will make my day, and bake a soufflé! I know it will rise, and then Grace can give Raymond (and me) a culinary surprise!

Getting back to the ducks: I feel sorry for the quackers when I see them swimming in the pond near my Long Island house. Sometimes the duckies paddle in my pool, and I let them. I figure: Why not? I don’t want to scare them, and I prefer to lounge, and swim leisurely.

But, c’est si bon . . . C’est si bon . . . (It’s so good) to eat duck. I feel kind of guilty, and I really hope the sweet ducks can forgive me.

And, let’s not talk about French perfume. Oh, how the glorious scent permeates the room! When Grace wears “Chanel No. 5,” dad loves it, and I can tell. He plants a big kiss on mom’s cheek, and Raymond’s knees go weak. Pop spins mom, and they twirl and twirl. Grace sure is a lucky girl.

I may be a poodle, but my perfume of choice is “Poodle Number One” from France. When Ricardo smells it, he starts to prance. And, then follows romance. Ooh La La! It’s the power of French perfume to make boys swoon!

My ode to Fete des Meres now follows:

‘Fete des Meres! Fete des Meres! Because no one else can compare!

Moms, you are great and pretty. You’re often even witty.

You’ve got that certain I don’t know what: ‘je ne sais quoi.‘ And, your kids call you ‘mere’ or ‘ma.’

You have such style, whether you promenade on the Paris Champs Elysees or stroll on Park Avenue on any day.

Whatever street you’re on, you shine, and you look so fine. Short dresses or long, you simply look like you belong.

You make your kids (whether pets or humans) so proud, and they want to say it loud:

‘Oui. That’s my mom! Isn’t she magnifique? Isn’t she tres jolie (very pretty)? And, she loves me!’

So, this holiday is for you – vos enfants (your kids) hope you’re blissful, not blue.

You give your children great advice and teach us to be nice.

You remind us to be polite: to say thank you and please, and to try not to sneeze. I mean, to cover your nose because having good manners show.

You teach us all that we know, and you’ve watched us grow.

We learn to unite and to try not to fight.

Mothers are so wise, whatever their size.

You tell us to be ‘gentile’ (kind), and feed us delicious meals!

When in Paris, we might window shop and go to the Tower Eiffel with you. We look at historical sites and buildings that are new. I want to go! I want to!

Pet mothers take us into the cafes, and we have fun-filled days. Sometimes we eat French treats like flaky croissants and fruit tarts. But, I really want ‘Cherries Jubilee’ (a fancy French dessert) for poodle me!

You often dress us up in chic outfits and bows, and your attention shows.

I’m like a fashionable human child, and Park Avenue is my runway. Parading on it makes for a very exciting day!

Our hair is brushed with such maternal care. And, as a poodle, I can tell you how important it is to have my hair properly coiffed. Pompoms galore . . . Who could ask for more?

Whether we’re in New York or France, you might even teach us about dance. My pet mother, Grace, tries to teach me ballet, which started in France, in the Court of King Louis XIV! But, since I’m a dog, it’s hard to turn out four legs and feet.

That’s about all – Just to say that when I’m with my mom, I feel 10 feet tall! She may not be from France, but she sure knows how to entrance, my pet dad, that is. And, I’m their canine kid!

Grace has such flair, and to my pop, no one can compare. She’s his Gigi, and he’s her Gaston (from the movie, “Gigi”), and on that you can depend on.

French moms: Your children love you very much: Vos enfants vous adorent beacoup.

So, have a Heureux (Happy) Fete des Meres!

Merci! Merci! (thank you) To you from me!’

P.S. The first photo is one where I was dressed up as a French poodle. My hair was cut shorter for the occasion, but it was so much fun to wear the stripes and beret. It made my day!

The second pic is how I might look in Paris, with windswept hair, riding in a car with my humans. Here’s hoping mom and dad take me to Paris. Oui! Oui! Maybe Ricardo can come too, and we can have a rendezvous.

And, the third shot is one Frank showed me of a stylish Parisian woman with three, yes, I said three white poodles. I think they’re either Standard Poodles or big minis. If I do say so myself, aren’t they something? Tres belle (very beautiful)! They look like they’re from the same family. Could be . . . Could be . . . And, they kind of look like me! (But, don’t get any ideas.)

Without a doubt, I’m so proud to be a poodle!

Bien sur, the fourth photo is the Tower Eiffel in Paris. Grace took this when she was in Paris with my pet dad, before they got me. It’s all aglow at night, and what a beautiful sight in the City of Lights!”

Written by: Simone, THE Park Avenue poodle

“The Poodles of Park Avenue” is available at:

Read about Simone’s escapades in the Big Apple, as she searches for exciting new adventures!

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