Just to let you know, I've now pushed the current beta (v3.2) to the public Google Play update channel. Thanks for your feedback!

Running v3.2beta2 on a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge (Marshmallow 6.0.1), overall solid experience. One issue is that the app doesn't seem to respect "Smart Lock" (i.e. Trusted Devices/Locations). My phone is set to require pattern unlock, except at my house or when connected to my car Bluetooth. With DynamicNotifications, it prompts me for pattern unlock when trying to open a notification even at home or in my car. Is this a bug, or did I miss some setting that fixes that?

Hi everyone, I've just published a new beta-version which (finally!) adds fingerprint support for Marshmallow devices (including the Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, and Nexus devices with a fingerprint reader). To activate fingerprint support, simply select a secure secondary unlock method from within the app ("Use as lockscreen" -> "Settings" -> "Lockscreen Security" -> PIN or Pattern) and the fingerprint reader will work! I've also updated the app's entire codebase to the Marshmallow API, so there may still be some rough edges here and there - please let me know if you run into any issues! Thanks!

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Love the app!  But having issues using it with Textra on Moto X (2nd Gen). When I receive a text, I get 2 icon notifications on the lockscreen--one orange and one white, both generated from a single incoming text (screenshot below).

This wasn't an issue using Textra with AC Display or the native Motorola Active Display.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I'd like to keep using both Textra and ActiveNotifications!

Hey +Nikolaus Fischer, long time without updates. I thought I'd try to get some by asking.

How's the development of the app? I have just purchased a S7 to replace my S4 and obviously I am intending to use my fingerprint sensor. I don't even know if it is possible to include fingerprint unlocking to third party apps or anything, but... if it is, is this is on your to-do list?


I can't get this to work properly on my Galaxy S6. The Dynamic Notification screen will pop up on receipt of a notification for a fraction of a second, then the screen turns off. Also, the auto wake on proximity sensor doesn't work either. I wouldn't bother, but I paid to unlock these features, and it seems development has ceased on the project.

+Nikolaus Fischer when are we going to have a taste of what's new? I certainly don't think the app lacks much in terms of what I use it for... but I wonder if you have any surprises.

Nexus 6 with pattern lock: Using Gravity Box, I am able to bypass the stock clock screen (each time when screen turns on) and go directly to the pattern lock. My intent is to use DN as the clock/notification before the pattern lock. By enabling DN, however, it brings back the stock clock screen along with it. That is, when screen is powered on, it displays DN, then stock clock screen appears (after swipe on DN), after swipe again, then pattern lock appears.

Is there a way to disable/suppress the stock clock screen? It seems like activating DN also enables the Nexus clock screen (even though it is disabled in Gravity Box).  BTW, this is not the brief stock clock screen flash issue.


Is this app alive or dead?


I'm not sure if this is a bug report or feature request:

DynamicNotifications does not honor the Android 5+ do not disturb / silent mode. In this mode no notifications should interrupt the user. But DynamicNotifications is still turning on the display.
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