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By John Ingleby +John Ingleby

A big "thank you" to all ten of us who took part in our Open Meeting last Saturday. We covered the next steps towards creating TiK's "Best Year Yet" by:

* Reviewing results of last month's discussion, []

* Reviewing TiK's Vision, Aims and Values in our Constitution, []

* Identifying Communication and Education as important areas to work on,

* Suggesting several goals we might set.

Attached is the document with our suggestions, which we agreed to "mull over".

With so many away this time, we didn't hear so much about goals for GUCE, KLCBS or the Food Group. My suggestion for our final "Best Year Yet" discussion would be to review each of those areas as well and then choose our Top Ten goals for 2017.

With thanks again,


Catherine Ross of Sustainable St Albans Week writes

Hope it's OK to forward you information about an upcoming event, being run in partnership between the Chamber of Commerce and Transition St Albans, on "putting sustainability at the heart of a profitable business". I think it would be of interest to you.

There are two great speakers;
working at a national and international level, Adam Elman from Marks and Spencer is in charge of their whole "Plan A" sustainability programme (called Plan A on the basis that - with the environment - there is no plan B)
working at a local level, Fiona Edwards from JPA Furniture is part of the family team that own and run this multiple-award-winning, local furniture company that cares passionately about the whole lifetime of the furniture, and aims to be a zero-landfill company.
Afterwards, there is an optional workshop run by Transition St Albans and Reconomy [], all about how to make your own business more environmentally sustainable.

It's a breakfast session on Wed March 15th, 7:15-10:15, at the Abbotts Kitchen in the Cathedral. £28 for non-members of the Chamber, including breakfast and the workshop. Details attached. You book through the Chamber, here [].


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A Transition Town that is very local and has an acre farm land that I volunteer on, on Thursday and Sunday mornings with a lovely bunch of people. And in return, you get free or discounted produce straight off the farm - you might even harvest it yourself! Everything else is sold every 3rd Sat at their local market....Go check it out! xx

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Saturday 16th April - TiK Local Produce Market

9am to 1pm: High Street, Kings Langley

Our monthly market occurs on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Local produce available includes, bread, cheese, meat, honey, vegetables, coffee, cakes and lots more.

These are the stalls, as well as our own organic-standard stall, of course!

Redbournbury Mill -

Hazeldene Farm-

Wobbly Bottom Farm -

Curious Foods -

Coffee by Anne -

Daisy Days Bakery -

Kings Langley Local Honey -

The Fsh Man:

The Celebrations Cakes Lady:

The Wood Man:

We are forming a Transport Group in Transition in Kings (Langley) -- TiK.

If you are interested in "transport" in the wider sense of transition -- minimising fossil fuels, encouraging walking and cycling, rationalising bus routes and footpaths, then please contact me on 07710 191550.

We are meeting with the Parish Council's Vision Group on Transport on Tuesday the 19th of April at Charter Court, Vicarage Road, Kings Langley to hammer out an agenda.

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Do check out the Abbots Langley Transition website... they have community markets... one on the 23rd April 10am - 1pm

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Ideas for Transition Watford

Ok been having a think about a few things and there are some projects that we could begin to introduce to move thinking along. Rather than discuss things and a few willing souls do their best, maybe if we started some projects with some end goals then we could really get new folk around the town to engage and share. We might actually discover some people with great knowledge who are already doing things we just don't know about them... so here's a few ideas...

We know that food is really important and that encouraging people to begin to think about how they can grow their own food or contribute in some way would be a good thing. So to that end...

1. Local seed bank, where we begin to build the capability to provide seeds for people
2. Local map of places where people can forage and what is at each location
3. Small space farming and Aquaponics resource / knowledge base
4. Directory of places and people involved in local food production,  products / techniques / services and what they provide. 
5. Regular weekly #CommunityTV  show on local sustainability projects to build engagement and spread the word

I feel that if we can start to co-ordinate resources in this way we can expand and encourage more people to participate. By focusing people on food we can begin to build the tide towards using public spaces to provide fruit trees and grow other produce as in some other towns further down the path than us...

I am sure that there is on the Transition towns website a directory of towns doing great work that we can leverage off to assist in some of the above....

Link4Growth can also be a mouth piece and a platform to build momentum... everything we embark on locally can be recorded, documented and broadcast (and stored in a easy to access library on YouTube) to enable others to replicate what we are doing...

Now... just some willing hands! +Neal Emery +Diane Richardson +Debi King +Sara Parmar 

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Does anyone have views on the concept of this community living ?

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Perhaps we should encourage our councils to share twin town best practises ?
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