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Name~ Amit Revnah

Age~ 24

Element~ Avatar

Strengths~ His bending abilities, physical strength, maturity, and his sense of honor for keeping his students safe.

Weaknesses~ None that he knows of

Likes~ Reading, Teaching, Caring for his students, and protecting everyone.

Dislikes~ People who threaten his students

Personality~ He's mature, caring, kind, and intelligent.

Bio~ Amit was born a naturally gifted avatar. He has mastered all of his elements at an early age, excelling in earth-bending and metal-bending. There was really nothing he was supposed to do, so he decided to use his earth-bending skills to make the Bending Academy, throwing some metal in there so that it looks like an actual building. From then on, he's been the principle of Bending Academy, willingly accepting students.
Photo this place dead?

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Name~ "My Name?...I believe it's something along the lines of Kumi Fuego but mostly everyone I have come into contact with decides to call me Tick Tock so there's that."
Age~ "A old man I once met said I looked around the ages of 15 or 14 at the least."
Element~ "I am able to use the element of Fire."
Appearance~ "I have short black hair that reaches somewhere near my shoulders as well as red eyes. I have fairly pale skin which I find strange as I am usually out in the sun a lot. I usually wear a black and grey outfit which I am not sure how to describe."
Strengths~ "I am told that my anger is my greatest strength though I like to believe it is my fighting style and quick thinking."
Weaknesses~ "Another thing I am told is that my anger can be my greatest weakness as it clouds my judgement in a battle. I cannot say that my family is my greatest weakness as I do not have one nor do I have friends or a partner."
Likes~ "Well I like a calming stroll down on the beach and reading a good book under a tree or library if I can find one. I also like to cook or learn new dishes as I think it's an interesting way to use my abilities.'
Dislikes~ "Those who use um 'cuss words' to express how they feel about me when they can just say they don't like me. I also detest those who think that I will simply fall for a few sweet words."
Personality~ "I like to think I am just closed off or just shy I suppose but others seem to mark me as stuck up or mean/rude which i don't mean to project."
Bio~ _" To tell the truth I don't really know, I remember that I was woken up by an old man who I believe when't by the name Yang. He had told me that he found me near a hill side and said I looked like I had been in a battle with someone. After that he took me under his wing and showed me how to take care of myself as well as control some of my abilities as we had found out that I could use fire bending in a fit of rage...I am truly sorry but I cannot tell you mpre other then I traveled from town to town and place to place trying to find out the rest of my story that seems determined to stay hidden."_

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“Strength is not within element, but within experience” “Can I have my food now? Or do I have to take you down again?”

Name~ Drex Takan

Age~ 18

Element~ Earth

Appearance~ As below, aside from a necklace his mother wore that he now wears around his neck. It bares the Earth symbol with jade beads around it.

Strengths~ He is patient and calm, using his energy when he feels he can't miss.

Weaknesses~ He feels that he shouldn't hit a woman, even if one is an enemy. He can't concentrate when he smells food, and he will do anything to protect his friends

Likes~ Tea, food, friends

Dislikes~ When his friends are harmed in any way.

Personality~ He is a calm, kind, and gentle spirit, though he does have a big appetite....

Bio~ His life was one of a certain....interest. He was given birth by a earth bending mother, but his father was a normal man, and they loved him day, when he was young and playing in his own room, his mother picked him up and took him into a secret compartment in her own bedroom. What was happening, one might ask? He never really knew, but when he found out how to open the compartment door.....they were gone, all that was left is the necklace he saw his mother wore...he then grew up as an orphan for the rest of his life until he turned 18, and he decided to move back into his old house.

Takan sighed as he puffed out a bit of air, looking around boredly. He started to walk towards a bed when [Y/N] bumped into him, making him fall as he rubbed his head Ow... He mumbled, slowly getting up and looking at [Y/N] Can you look before you walk please...?

(Open roleplay, just ask! Also no 1 liners please)

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" Take a quiet walk with nature. . . It will nuture your mind, body, and soul. . . ~ "

Elaine Fugikawa

Usually goes by Lana ( Lay-na )



Nature Bending

She has the ability to make plants bloom and summon vines or other plants for her uses.

Fire bending. Self explanatory. She also isn't too much of a fighter.


Elaine is a thoughtful person who is noted to be wise and intelligent. She is responsible, mature and respectful to everything around her, unless they don't deserve it. Lana is caring, sweet, and too selfless for her own being. Though when those who are precious to her are who have been affected in a bad way, she is protective and determined to fight for them.

She likes to read and write. But when she isn't studying, she spends her time either going on adventures, or having relaxing time with nature. She isn't picky with her food, but she does have a favourite, rice cereal!

Elaine has a hatred for anyone who puts her friends or nature in danger. She surprisingly doesn't hate fire, just when it's used to oppose her. She doesn't like the feeling of being hated, or guilty. Lana does not like the color grey, because it is dull and nothing like the vibrant variety of colors nature has to offer. She doesn't like the city, or being crowded.


Elaine has always been fond of nature, as a small child. Her mother and father were both earth benders. They raised her well, but when she had recently turned seven, they sent her to live with her grandparents, due to "unfinished business." Though it's not like it was as awful as it may sound. Her grandparents were kinds people, and nutured her to be a sweet and mature girl, who will continue to make her family proud. Whenever she got the chance, she would practice her abilities, and hang out with nature. When she got older, she was home schooled up to this point, her grandparents would not be around for much longer, so they sent the girl to the academy. Her goal is make more people appreciate mother nature.

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is there a bender that loves zombies ? :P 

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Anna walks nervously into the training room. She pulls her long, blue hair into a messy bun and avoids eye contact with people. Careful how she carries herself, she attempts to blend in with the others.
Attention is the last thing I need...
She silently begins to practice her beginner water bending skills. Just then her 'Dont-draw-any-attention' plan backfired. Making a mistake, she accidentally sends a stream of water flying at you. The clear, cold liquid splashes on you, leaving you soaked. You were just about to perfect a certain trick till that had happened. Anna blushed madly and looked away quickly, embarrassed. You...
//Open rp!// 

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NAME His name is X'Zavier P. Kallister.

AGE He's about 16.

ELEMENT X'Zavier is a Water Bender.


~ He's really good at Blood Bending.
~ He's pretty Flexible for a Male.
~ Running.
~ His sense are good since his eye sight is gone.

~ Sandy places.
~ Seafood, causes he's allergic to it.
~ Dogs.

~ Defying people thought about the blind, Music, Being himself, Fighting, Training, Pasta, and The Night.

~Being treated differently cause of how he's blind, Dogs, Sweats, Seafood, and Stalkers.

~ X'Zavier is a pretty calm child. He's been through a lot as a child. He's a pretty interesting kid. He's Weird, Random, Kind, Sweat, Mysterious, Scary, Tough, Sad, and Kind.

~X'Zavier was born blind. The question is How can a blind person learn how to bend an element?. Well to tell you it was a struggle. He spent time away from his parents who were doctors. He went to a training camp to learn. Half of the things he can do is because he learn by himself. He knows how to get around cause, he uses the water in people's blood and the ground. It's kind of how Tuff learned how to bend, but more complicated. That's how he gets around wanting to defy what people think of the blind. He even wants to join a fighting team and go around the world stopping evil.

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Thanks for the invite! ^^ Is it possible for me to be an ice Bender? Seeing as it is a form of water. If not, it's perfectly fine!
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