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This was not what I thought it was. I know nothing about mission impossible.

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Name: Ethan Matthew Hunt
Aliases: Dmitri, Sergei, Federov,
Age: 52
Gender: Male
Family: Julia "Jules" Hunt (Wife) Nathan & Margaret Hunt (parents) Donald Hunt (Uncle)
Friends: Luther Stickell, Benji Dunn, William Brandt
Home town/city: Madison WI
Home country: United States of America
Agency: IMF
Position: Field Team leader
Weapon: Various handguns and small blades
Weaknesses: His family being used against him
Equipment: Latex Mask, Voice Changer (worn over vocal cords)
Bio: Early in his career Ethan Matthew Hunt worked under Jim Phelps and his wife Claire in one mission his entire team including supposedly Jim and Claire where killed while trying to recover a stolen list of overseas operatives resulting in him being disavowed. Ethan hoping to lure out a mysterious figure known as Job a name taken from the Bible compiled a team of other disavowed agents to acquire the list and sell it to arms dealer Max Claire and Jim survived his plan worked and Max was apprehended and Job was revealed to be Jim. Claire was also in on on the conspiracy but was killed by Jim who was later killed by Ethan. Another mission required Ethan to recruit master thief Nyah Nordoff-Hall due to her relation to the the target former IMF Agent Sean Ambrose who had stolen a deadly man-made virus named for the Greek monster Chimera and the cure Bellerophon the mission was a success and the death pathogen was destroyed. Ethan and his team would later be forced to go rogue when his wife was kidnapped in order to recover a mysterious object known only as the Rabbits Foot after being betrayed by his direct superior. Eventually the Hunts escaped and killed the traitor and his allies. Later after the agency was framed to a terrorist attack on the Kremlin Ethan and his team where secretly assigned the task o recovering stolen Russian nuclear launch codes a task made harder by a Russian Agent named Anatoly Sidorov who believed that Ethan was a terrorist eventually Ethan recovered the codes anx handed them back to Russia.´╗┐

No idea what Impossible Missions Force is but ok.
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