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Another Day, Another Update.
1.2-415 is on the way to betatesters and will become the next public release later today (once the pre launch reports are available from google).

It should resolve the two remaining major issues i was aware of:
* Fixes the virtual remote widget on android >= oreo (8.0)
* Adds a workaround for the issue that the changelog messes up the night-theme (I guess I'll build a clean solution for that, soon).

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This one is mainly for the "Android TV" Users.
It's on the beta release channel (for now) and hopefully fixes most of the REALLY ugly TV quirks.

You might have to reconfigure your profile if you're on TV.

* FIX: Some improvements for the TV version of dreamDroid
* FIX: Fix NPEs
* DEV: Some code cleanups

Any Android/Fire TV Users in this group?

Another one for the betatesters.
I've found a Developer Option that I somehow missed for so many years and used it to fix a lot of "resume" issues. Probably not all of them but a good amount at least!

This one replaces the old Changelog Dialog with something not messing up the theme, plus it's now markdown based which allows to simply link to the changelog on github

★ NEW: New dialog for changes
★ FIX: A bunch of bugs that caused odd behaviour (empty lists, wrong content) and crashes after rotating or resuming the app
★ IMP: Improve Singal Monitor sound quality, force screen on while it's open

Next one.
I wanted to bring the beta up to date and with that added another try for fixing the video issues.

Note: DreamDroid is now licensed under GPLv3 and will soon be available on f-droid

★ More Changes to the VideoPlayer
★ DreamDroid is now free Software, licensed under GPLv3
★ Some changes for releasing on f-droid
★ Bring back Fast-Scrolling
★ FIX: Sync-Notifications on Android >= Oreo

Another small update (405) with improved Android O support (Adaptive Icon, Notifications on picon sync fixed) and some internal cleanups.

Would love to get some more feedback about the video player AND I will start an implementation for the new dreamliveserver which should actually solve all the issues.

Hey Guys.
Wow, almost a year has passed since the last update on dreamDroid (September '17).
Today I felt like I should have another look at a video player update and well, somebody else did the work and provides a brand spanking new libvlc update to version 3.0.x of vlc for android.

Update 1.2-403 brings exactly that for beta testers (and probably for all very soon).
Required changed were minimal, local tests have been promising.

A word on GPDR / DSGVO...

Dreamdroid and it's tracking-tool are fully GPDR/DSGVO compliant.
All IP-Adresses are anonymized well enough (last two parts) be compliant to what the GPDR and it's german counterpart DSGVO require.

Until a few days ago only the last segment of the IP had been truncated.
Though that would have been enough to comply with GDPR/DSGVO as "anonymized" data, I decided to go for the "even less personal" approach.

Privacy is priceless!

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