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It's spring-cleaning time so I've started getting rid of an external Library which isn't really required anymore (material-dialogs) and has some problems on android tv (which sucks and made me go for removal). It's almost completely gone on 393 except for the timer-saving progress dialog which I'll probably drop with the next planned update.
I hope timer-repating etc is working again. It looked OK for me.

1.2 - 393
★ Lot's of internal changes to most of the Dialogs (move to google AppCompat)
★ Fix some errors

1.1 beta 8 is coming. I'd like to go into RCs after this. I think It's time release a new stable version quickly as issues long solved start to emerge quite a bit...

★ FIX: Try to fix Android N MultiWindow handling again (blindly though)
★ FIX: Handle denied permissions properly (fixes "blackscreen" after location permission denial)
★ IMPROVE: Show rationale when requesting coarse location permissions
★ Built with SDK 24 (aka Android N) and latest tools and libraries

Kannst du die App an Android N anpassen damit die Wiedergabe bei Splitscreen nicht mehr pausiert wird?
Sicher schwer ohne eigenes Gerät mit Android N

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1.1 beta 6 is on the way to you, including the integrated (vlc based) videoplayer.
The Downside: Appsize is now 31MB instead of ~3 ;).

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Hallo, warum funktioniert bei mir das Streamen nicht? Vti 9.0.1
Android 5.0
Vu plus Player funzt, aber nicht mit Dreamdroid

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2 Probleme mit der neuen beta.

Höhe der Tasten zu klein. Passen sich an der Bitmap Höhe an. Und bei vorhandener Grafik kommt trotzdem der Text.

Und bei der Fernbedienung kommen Status infos.
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1.1 beta 4 is on the way to you
★ NOTE: IN beta 4 there have been lots and lots of internal changes, please be aware that we're be back to real betatesting now!
★ More Material Design!
★ Extensive internal changes so we're back on the latest state of the art
★ Internal changes required for building with android 6.0 SDK
★ "EPG" fixes with older versions of the WebInterface
★ Setting for streaming using the builtin encoder of DM7080 HD or DM820HD using rtsp

Coming soon to your devices:
1.0 rc9
★ NEW: Add "Next Event" to servicelist pop-over
★ FIX: Some minor issues have been fixed

Dreamdroid is a great app.
I have a request. Is it possible to add an option to switch to the channel immediately in the EPG?

Hallo zusammen, ich brauch eure Hilfe. Irgendwie finde ich keine Anleitung wie ich dreamdroid auf meinem Android Gerät zum laufen bekomme (Einstellunge). Könntet Ihr mir helfen wo ich was finde? Vielen herzlichen Dank
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