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i kno this sounds stupid, but im bored and idk wat to do.
u have any suggestions?

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So i have been very depressed lately and i dont know why? I just cant get these negitive feelings out of my mind. Its not working. i have tried EVERYTHING what should i do?


Zac Efron or Avan Jogia? :P i couldnt think of anything else

No questions yet? You can always talk i hope ya know ;D

Hello guys Im Nessie I love everyone and everything. I am a girl who just loves life ( or is trying to) i wanna make people happy i will talk openly with everything or if you need serious talk just email me ( I love it when peeps talk to me and i wanna help the world. Please if you need to talk tell me i will try to make it better. 

Me personally I dont think that should begood because you dont know if the person on the other screen so that boy she is talking to may be some weirdo guy or something. but maybe if the guy and her have seen eachother on video then maybe i would think it would be okay. another reason i dont think that should be is because, What if he/she cheats on her/him with another oerson then that wouldnt be good. last reason is she should get to know the guy before she should date the guy cause having someone who isnt into you like you are into them then thats no fun, now is it? But those are just some of the reasons 
+Leah Libreatori
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