Hi Dan, I just tried the app available in Google Play, I can't upload pictures for the profile, and it says it's version 0.0.40, will you release version 1.0 to Google Play? I'm interested in buying it, but I'm hoping to see it working without this little bugs to feel more confident :D ps: great job so far!

What is the system requirement for Development environment and Hosting environment?

Dan, what email address can I contact you at? I tried to email dan@apporchestra.com but I haven't heard back yet. Thank you!

What sort of backend/admin controls do we have? And Is there a recommended server spec and bandwidth we should consider?

I have sent you my UIDID, please add us to th test group.

As you may have already read the managed backend service that Cloneder has been built on, Parse.com, has announced they are shutting down in just under a year. Parse has release a node.js open source Parse API server. This isn't their original code, so there is some missing features and also some outstanding issues which are causing problems with the Cloneder code at the moment. I'm away on holidays for the last week of March and will look into either fixing the issues myself or changing the Cloneder code to workaround the issues. The plan is by the end of April to be up an running on the open source Parse server.

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A snapshot of recent commits. Big additions are adding photo, image and audio to chat. Plus lots of fixes and updates.
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