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Reminder Google Groups is closing.

April 2, 2019 is the shut-down day for all of Google + and Google Groups and related features.

If you haven't already joined the for Daytona Makerspace, it's a good idea to register for the future.

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Not that everyone should believe everything on the internet, but this would indicate that this resource will vanish in August of 2019.

As some already know, there's been a transplant to for the bulk of the discussions.

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Getting out of this "system."

A new world exists called which provides for limited file storage but also better message management via email digests or mailing lists as well as the home page.

As I am not the owner of this google group, I cannot perform the merge of users from this group to the new one, but that's probably a good thing. There are over 500 members in the google group and only a few are local to this area.

Expect to see most or all of the traffic to transfer to in the near future. If you want to keep updated on the makerspace, join groups and sign up for

Here are the dates for the next couple of meetings:

Saturday, June 16th from 9am - 1pm
Saturday, June 23rd from 9am - 1pm
Saturday, June 30th from 9am - 1pm

July meeting dates will be determined the first week of July.

Hello everyone. This is Erica from the Daytona Beach Regional Libraries Launch Pad (makerspace). The next two meetings have been decided. They will be held in the Launch Pad from 9am to 1pm on Saturday June 2nd and Saturday, June 9th. Further meeting dates will be discussed at these two meetings. If future dates are not posted on this page you can always call the library at 386-257-6036 x16314.

Hey guys! I know it has been awhile but are you all still active?

Next meeting update

Saturday January 13th, 2018, first meeting of the new year. 10:00 am to about 4:00 pm

Thank you to Erica and Anne of the Volusia County Library to allow us to again use their conference room.

Gilbert is expected to bring his G-rex 3D printer project as well as the Rubik's Cube solving robot. I'll have mine as well, and hope to have it operational by then. Perhaps Erica will continue her soldering instructional project, an FM radio with digital receiver.

New meeting place
1757 n nova rd suite 112 holly hill Florida
They have hours set 4-12 but even that is flexible right now
What time and day would be the best for everyone?
I’m trying to make this a twice a month thing now that we have a set space.

There is a new makerspace opening off of Nova road by classy kids.

Meeting for October/November

No meeting on 28 October, due to scheduling for our current host.

The next meeting will be November 11th, 2017 at 9am in a new location.

Volusia County Library Support Center
1290 Indian Lake Road
Daytona Beach, FL

Head west on International Speedway (US92) until you're outta town. After you pass under the I-4 ramp, I think Indian Lake Road is the next traffic light. Turn right (north) and look on the left side of the road (per Google Maps).

Thank you to Erica for arranging this location to keep our group alive.
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