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(Can be a yaoi as well

Luna had been kicked out of her house for what seemed like the 500th time, Luna growled slightly as she stomped through the woods angerly. Luna began to rant to herself like she always did, as the thoughts the argument she had with her parents went through her head. Her family life was not the best as both of her parents were drunks and drug users and Luna hated it, it always caused her and her parents to get in arguments as they always were mean to Luna you could say even borderline abusive as they went out of there way to make Luna's life a hell by tormenting her. They did this since Luna was a mistake and she knew this as her parents would remund her every second of the day.

After Luna had gotten any pent up anger out she sighed and wandered the woods a bit, as she found them her escape from this cruel world. After a bit of walking Luna came across the tree she always slept under when she got kicked out, the tree oddly enough kept her safe from the harsh weather that came about as she has woken up during rain storms to find that the rain has not even touched her. Luna leaned her back against the tree sliding down it as she did she pushed some of her light brown, almost a greyish, hair out of her face. Luna then looked up at sky her light blue eyes sparkling with tears. "I wish i could just get away from this world only if it was for a bit, that would just be nice." As soon as Luna had said that the tree she sat under began to glow, when Luna saw this she immediately went to get out from under it as she did not understand what was happening but when she went to she realized she was stuck to the bark. Luna began to stuggle screaming for help as she saw the tree began to consume her body. After a few minutes Luna had passed out from being in pure fear or so she thought.

About an hour later Luna awoke, she looked around sleeply the woods were the same as when she had passed out. Luna sat up and stretched out a bit, she sighed a bit. "Must have been a bad dream." She said as she stood up Luna then looked up at the sky and realized something was wrong the moon was a deep blood red and the sky was a deep purple. Luna's eyes widened a bit as she immediately began to look around knowing she was no long in her world as the sky and moon does not do that. Luna then looked back at the tree knowing what happened. "Y-you granted my wish" She said in a soft quite voice, if any were to see her they would probably think she was a mad man for talking to a tree and there was someone watching her it was creature from this world he looked upon her curiously from the bushes he had never seen a creature like her before.

(This will be a romance but a slow one
(I request that you can do 5 to 10+ lines i don't think that is to much to ask
(This can be a yaoi if your into that >.< im fine with it the boy with violin will be yaois picture his name is Blake
(Here is a few questions to make sure you read everything if left unanswered i will not give anything to you
1.What is Luna's parents?
2.What color is Luna's eyes?
3.What did the tree do to Luna when she woshed to be in another world?

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Roleplay! Rules and notes at the end.))

o0 A Most Unusual Case 0o

Two people were walking down the long white hallway. It was a government hospital, where only the most severe cases went. Y/N was an expert psychologist and had even been given the title of 'monster handler'. They were the person to call when the most unruly or unmanageable subjects arose.

"A victim of rape you said?" Asked Y/N. "Yes. And a most unusual case. You see, the victim is, well..." The Assistant cleared his throat, "The victim is not exactly...human. Entirely. We've run a DNA test and he seems to be both human and demon. The exorcists are down our throats. They want him dead" Y/N nodded in full understandment. The exorcists were always quick to kill anything that wasn't human. But there was something else he/she had in mind for this special case.

"You had also mentioned in the report that this individual is very sensitive to human emotion right? In the respect that he can tell a friendly soul from a hostile one. A truth from a lie" Y/N asked. The assistant again nodded in agreement. "So, if I can prove that this demon can be of some use during crime solving, then we have a just reason to keep him alive?" Although they didn't show it outwardly, Y\N actually was really concerned about the boy. The fact that he could read a truth from a lie just gave a legit reason to spare him.

The two reached the door that led into the boy's room. Here the assistant paused once more. "Please do keep in mind that he is a victim of rape. He is very skiddish around everyone. If you can find a way to earn his full must be a god" Both of them laughed, but a serious air returned quickly. "I know the situation. They don't call me a miracle worker for nothing" Y/N said.

So the door was opened. There lied the boy, a gas mask on his face. They were keeping him under with strong anesthetic. Without it he would become so scared that they couldn't do anything with him anyways. You were their last hope. The boy's last hope. So with a sigh, Y\N....

((Rules and notes!

You can be any character you want.

3+ lines please

No text talk

Long term. If you do want to quit, tell me instead of dissapearing.

Romance and\or hentai is allowed, but not right away

At some point they are supposed to find the rapist, so do keep that in mind.

Have fun and be creative!

Ask for Reposts. (pp)

If you read it all, tell me the title Y/N had recieved))
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My collection of RP starters. Please look over them, and comment if theres any you want to do. The only real rule I have (other than no one liners) is that you don't abandon. I like long term, but if you feel like quitting at any point, TELL ME PLEASE. Thats all. Enjoy.

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((Honestly, Thresh, just fuck me already, Thresh is a cuntboy, which means he's still male and he still has a muscular chest, he's just has a vagina.))

Title: "Er... Where's your penis Thresh?"
Place: Summoners Rift, The War institute
Time: 12:00 PM, right after an hour long battle.
Roleplay Genre: Romance, Erotic

Finally, the war has ended. Everyone beat up, sore, exhausted, devastated. The Red Side which consists of Jinx, Thresh, Ziggs, Graves, and Sion had to face the worst comeback ever, everyone was getting fed, becoming powerful, until they became greedy and focused on kills, not getting Towers. Everyone argued and Thresh couldn't bare to watch, of course he was blamed on. Thresh had just left and arrived to the War Institute, where he was housed with a few other champions. He greeted everyone in his dorm, but instead of the favor getting returned, he just got stares which bothered him alot. Summoners and Champions live amongst one another of course, they aren't separated​. Thresh had sighed before he stepped into the public bathroom that was shared with male summoners and Champions, he had undressed and left his apparel in a safe and secure spot, his endomorphic and very muscular body had been revealed, everything was revealed, his muscular legs, his thick posterior, and his genitalia? He didn't have testicles, or a penis either, he had a vagina, er how did this work, Thresh would question and yes, this caused in a lot of sexual attention and interaction, which always failed.

You were absolutely exhausted, everything was sore, and you were under stress. That was your third loss in a row, no wonder you're in bronze 5, Jesus. Anyway, your partner Thresh didn't seem to mind you, you played him pretty well and clutched a few moments, until Jinx became cocky and fed late game period. You sigh and move on, heading towards your dorm. You greet everyone and grab your towel and other body hygiene items. The first things you saw was Thresh and his abstract and perfect body, you looked from the top to the bottom until you stopped to about his posterior and question: "Where's his penis and balls?" This made him cock an eyebrow. Nonetheless you move on and undress, heading across from him but at the exact same shower stall, again across from him.

"You're slick aren't you? Don't worry, I caught you staring, and I respect that. Also, I see you somewhat surprised about my absence of my penis, but you'll grow onto the abstract fact." Thresh said, his echoey voice had echoed through the room.

"I'm sorry for staring, I sorta envy your abstract body build." The summoner had said, without looking back at Thresh.

Ground Rules:

1)*Be Descriptive, 6+ lines, if I break that rule I apologize, I don't know how to respond to replies sometimes.
2) I don't mind what character you're using, it can be furry, alien, another champion, or human, just send me a photo of who you're going to be.
3) Enjoy this as much as I do and have fun with it! It can go anywhere.
4) Thresh is sadistic, he likes pain.
5) I encourage you to not start the erotic part right at the start. 
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>// ∆ Loading Corrupt Files. Continue? ∆ //<

"Just because I only have one arm, doesn't mean I'm half as deadly."

"You mind jerking my dick for me?"

∆Loading File: Name ∆ //

"Greetings, I'm Darin. That's all you need right? What? There's more? Fine."

∆ Loading File: Age and DOB ∆ //

"I was born October 8th, 1990, 25 years old. Do not be fooled."

∆ Loading File: Nicknames ∆ //

"Eh? G... Sytems glitching, repair and replace? G-Guh... Sorry. Nicknames Glitch."

∆ Locating Corrupted File: Gender ∆ //

"Male, simplistically simply simple in all simplicity."

∆ Loading File:  Sexualtiy ∆ //

"Must you really know this sort of stuff? Ugh, alright fine. I'm bisexual."

∆ Loading Lost File: Alignment ∆ //

"I can't recall, I've betrayed and been betrayed too many times, and it's all ended ugly. So, chaotic neutral."

∆ Loading File: Accent ∆ //

"Maybe a soft Australian accent in there, with a very deep and raspy voice."

∆ Loading File: Relationships ∆ //

"None romantic, most sexual, more nemesis or enemy relationships."

∆ Loading File:  Dominant Hand ∆ //

"My right hand, since it's my only hand. Heh."

∆ Loading File: Occupation ∆ //

"Now that you think of it, I can't really decide. I think a gunslinger classifies it. No, a one armed gunslinger. That's it!"

∆ You've reached the end of this segement, continue? ∆

ウ Loading file package: Body appearance and mental and physical sorts ウ

ッ Loading File: Body description and propertiesッ

•Speices: Black Panther
•Slightly muscular.
•5 foot, 11 inches.
•179 LBS.
•Has been amputated and only has his right arm.
•Tail lengths is about 1 feet long.
•Ears are about 2 inches long.
•Body Color: All black.
•Eye color: Dark Orange with black snake pupils.
•Scar through one eye, one large one going through chest.

キクキ Loading Lewd appearances キクキ

•Cock length and width: 6 inches and approximately 2 inches thick.
•Cock type: Humanoid penis.
•Posterior appearance: Muscular, sorta thick.
•Butt texture: Hard, smooth.
•Butt internal length: Can fit a solid 8 inches before he gets torn apart.
•Butt Girth: about an inch.
•Cum aligns with his eye color, so it's an orange color.
•Cock color: Black.

ケクキ Loading File: Physical and Mental Properties キクケ

•Amputated, only one arm.
•Easy memory loss.
•Lacks in flexibility is what makes you for his speed.
•Good eyes and good accuracy.

∆ Warning, further files are corrupt or lost, continue? ∆

∆ You've gone too far, leave now.∆

∆Recovering and loading all lost data: Fighting style and Appearance∆

∆ Loading Corrupt File: Class Description∆

"I am a gunslinger, which means I shoot guns, and kill people? I guess."

∆ Recovering Lost File: Fighting and Health Status∆

•Strength: 8/10; Very efficient far and medium range, lacks in weapon or hand to hand fighting.
•Vitality: 6/10; Can take a few shots or blows before he weakens, vulnerable at close range.
•Sustainability: 5/10; Easily weakened by Crowd Control.(stuns, blind, chain, bind.)
•Intelligence: 10/10; Very intelligent, can calculate, predict, think of a strategy, find their weakness in a matter of seconds.
•Speed: 10/10; Fast, fast reflexes, fast eye to hand coordination.
•Spell and Magic Usage: 7/10; Darin relies on his gun, but when in need uses magic to help him if he is weakened.
•Tier Potential: Deity tier; Powerful, but has many limitations.
•Attack Potential: Powerful yet easily vulnerable; He loses almost any fight against swordsmans, unless they are untaught in their way of fighting.

∆Loading File: Weapon and Clothing Appearance∆

Weapon Type and Description//

•Weapon Name: Piercing Light
•Weapon: Revolver
•Revolver Model: Model 500
•Revolver Producers: S&W (Smith & Wesson)
•Revolver Length: 12 inch barrel
Revolver Strength: 10/10; Extremely Powerful
•Weapon Durability; Has lasted for as long as Darin has had it.
•Ammo Durability; Depends on how you use it, 6/10
Magic ability: Can use elemental bullets.
•Weapon Appearance: Made with Black metal; An extremely rare metal that is capable of usage of all elements, Iron Sights glow a bright orange.
•Weapon Recoil: 10/10; Extremely Powerful, hard to use and fire, difficult to recover after firing.

Weapon 2//

•Weapon Name: Draakthar
•Weapon Type: Browning Black Label 1911-380 .380 ACP
•Weapon Length: Draakthar; 8 inches full length
•Weapon Strength: 6/10; Only used for lesser enemies, or when Piercing light is out of ammo.
•Weapon Durability; Has lasted with Darin since he first bought it.
•Ammo Durability: 10/10; Extremely durable and lasts long, clip size is about 45 a clip so can be used recklessly.
•Magic Usage: Only used to reload gun.
•Weapon Appearance: Also uses black metal, same with iron sights, they glow orange.
•Weapon Recoil: Little to no recoil, so he can use it while running. Without losing focus.

Weapon 3//

•Weapon name: Corvus
•Type of weapon: Regular Balisong Knife, also known as the butterfly knife.
Weapon length: 9 inches total length.
Weapon Strength: 5/10; compared to most sword fights he's been in, it's not at all good.
Weapon Durability: 10/10.
Weapon appearance: Painted shiny metal black.

∆Loading File: Clothing∆

•Head: Hood over head that exposes ears, either mask or scarf to cover his lower face.
•Body: Hooded trenchcoat that is always left unzipped, trenchcoat elongates down to halfway of his calf, Shirt is usually black.
•Pants: Usually distressed full black jeans.
•Shoes: Combat Boots or Chelsea Boots.
•Others: Has a holister​ tied around both thighs to hold Draakthar and Piercing light, both black.

∆You're going to far... Turn Back, Now. Continue?∆

∆Recovering File Package: Magic Powers, Limitations, and Weaknesses∆

Magic he uses and it's effect//

•Steady eye: Helps increase eye and arm stabilization, used only if vision is blurry, or weakened.
•Hawkeye: Increases vision, eye coordination, gives night vision, used when weakened.
•Deadshot: Increases accuracy, prediction, coordination by 300%; has only been used once, only activated by K.O, Paralyzed, blind.
•Strong Arms: Self explanatory; helps him from staggering by recoil of both pistols. (mainly Piercing Light)
•Elemental Bullets//
•Fire: Burns the target from inside slowly.
•Ice: Slows target, gives frostbite, eventually stuns target after a long while.
•Grass: Heals him as target bleeds.
•Dark: Eats opponent from inside.

•Bullet storm: Extremely rare power, used once; slows time and everything around it, Darin targets 6 weak points on the target and fires six bullets at the same time, as the bullets are shot time comes back to normal speed, only activated if heavily weakened, on the brink of death.

•Very fast targets.
•Crowd Control.
•Females. ("What? C'mon, you can't hit a female, that's bonkers.")
•Hand to hand combat.

•Can only have one spell on affect.
•Elemental bullets only have one clip which means 6 bullets each element before he runs out.
•Darin must kill target before he runs out of ammo.

∆No, you cannot go further, turn back, now! Continue?∆

∆Loading Files: Lewd∆


•Slight Bondage
•Femboys, twinks.
•Rough sex
•Rough and sloppy make outs.
•Excessive Cum

Dominant or Submissive?//

•Dominant, but let's other dominant dominate.

∆ Loading File: Biography∆

I don't trust you anymore, after what you did. //

Darin was raised and cared by a male military general, his name was unknown, but what is known is that he taught Darin how to properly use guns and when to use them, he also taught him his magic abilities. As he grew he quickly excelled in gunsmanship, more than a gift? No. It was a curse, on a regular day of school, another regular day of bullying, one kid took it too far and smashed his head into the lunch table. By this, Darin was knocked out, though after a few moments, he rose while still being knocked out, his hand created a hollow and transparent gun. He pointed it to the bully and shot him many times, it was a bloody experience for everyone. Of course he was ban from the school district, the father went to court and paid charges. Darin was restricted from his power and stayed in his room for almost a year. He couldn't be blamed, something in him awoken. This concludes his childhood.

As his teen hood went by, Darin grew to be a well behaved teen, he and his father moved out of the state to move on to their new life, at this time Darin was a senior and was going to graduate. Another situation had come cross, as if it had repeated, he was beaten down, thrown and smashed into the wall, awoken while still in sleep and shot the bully. This time, he ran away, stealing his father's money and running off. This concludes his teen year, were it all began.

During Darin's adult life, he went through too much, too much that he questions why he's still alive. Though when he ran away, he first purchased his Revolver and purchased his other Hand gun, as well as buying as much ammo, neglecting house, food, or other stuff, he didn't last long before being found, rather than being arrested, he was interrogated. He was took into an organization that held those who can cast spells. At this time Darin didn't know what the organization was. Though he quickly grew attached into it, he went on missions, but he what he didn't knew was this was a bait, and as he came back from a mission, he was immediately knocked out. He woke up and found him tied up with hands tied, saws and knives found next to him. This could lead to anything but led to his amputated arm, a surgeon walked in and immediately started taking a saw and cut down his arm, the pain and agony Darin had went into. Though, successfully​ amputating his left arm, he grew cold and passed out, this activated Bullet storm, and eventually killing the whole organization that hunted him down. How he handled the amputation? Luckily he had insurance under the dead organization. From till on, Darin is a runaway, mercenary and one hell of a badass.

∆ Loading Temp Files: Family and Relationships∆

Mother: Unknown and long gone.
Father: Long gone.
Brothers or sisters: Never had any.
Cousins or other families: None or doesn't know.

Universal or AU partners/friends:
Kira the Reaper of light
Toukan Yatogumi
Coin Yatogumi.

∆You've continued on and never stopped, you, i like you. Continue?

∆Loading Files: Author's Note.∆

Greetings! Uh, this honestly took too long. It approximately took about 3 days for me to finish. Um. Anyway I hope you enjoyed. This will be my main OC as of now. And yeah! Thanks for reading. Bye bye! XOXO

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... Twenty Years Ago ...

Victor Steele is one of the richest men in the galaxy. His fortune was gained through years of adventuring during the Thirteenth Great Planet Rush, almost two hundred years ago. His trillion dollar company, Steele Industrial Technologies and Production, or Steele Tech, is one of the most respected names in its field.

Unfortunately, during his adventures, Victor underwent many mutations that wreaked havoc on his genome. After two centuries of life due to longevity treatments, the mining magnate’s doctors have told him he has a measly two decades left.

The news is unwelcome. Still, he’s lived a rich, full life - fuller than most. With twenty years ahead of him, the suddenly old industrialite looks toward siring a successor; an heir or heiress to carry on his legacy and to ensure that the Steele name is honored throughout all of history.

With the next Planet Rush a scant nineteen years ahead, the timing is ideal. Just as his offspring reaches adulthood, the United Galactic Confederacy will be expanding its borders, turning on the hundreds of warp gates it has shot out into unexplored space. The rushes - performed every century or so - always result in a galactic free-for-all.

It’s perfect, Victor thinks. His child could rise to greatness, becoming richer and more powerful than he ever was. And perhaps, with a bit of luck, a better person as well.

The real question is, who should the mother be? Many lovers spring to mind, both human and alien. After all, he has no shortage of them. Should his offspring be a pure human, like himself, or perhaps something a little more exotic? Decisions, decisions...

What species would you like your character to be?

-Human/ Asuar/kaithrit/liethan/kui-tan/gryvain

As a half-ausar, Victor’s child would start with dog-like ears, a canine tail, and a red, knotted penis if male. The ausar are known for their close bond with humanity and would be a likely pick for the child’s mother.

The kaithrit are a cat-like race with two prehensile, feline tails. They are known for their feminine appearances and exotic colorations, so any child of Victor and kaithrit would have more possible hair colors, a prettier face than normal, and two tails. Also, if the child is a male, it’ll have a soft-spined, cat-like penis.

Gryvain are a highly advanced race of winged hermaphrodites, blending mammalian and reptilian biology. They have darkly scaled limbs, fleshy upper bodies, prehensile tails, curling horns, and frilled ears. Their eyes are dark gold and vertically slitted. All gryvain are feminine in appearance, and most have voluptuous figures: broad egg-laying hips and large breasts. They have bulbous, reptilian phalluses with internal testes, mounted over vaginas that have rings of internal, nub-like secondary clitorises inside, which makes birth and sex extraordinarily pleasurable.

Leithans are a race visually similar to mythological centaurs, though they trace their origins to reptile-like species and have six clawed legs. They have powerful, prehensile tails as well as a highly acute set of four ears: two tapered ones on the side of their heads, and two large bunny-like ears atop. They are known for their speed and strength, and have a distinct color palette of grays and blacks, with yellow bioluminate areas on their scales. Leithans are also much taller than normal, reaching natural heights up to nine feet tall. If the child is male, it will have a large, bulbous reptilian penis between its rear legs.

The kui-tan are a raccoon-like race who invariably have a phallus with multiple knots. They are also known to have fuzzy, rounded ears, fluffy tails bigger than many species’ adolescent young, and balls that engorge with seed the longer they go without release.

What do you choose 

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The Le Cinq restaurant, past the vases of  red and white roses, ten tables down, to the far right; that was where I played. A grand white piano stood upon a stage of pure marbre or marble. An extravagantly d'or (golden) lustre (chandelier)hanging above. Waiters busied to their inviti'es (guests), chefs sauteed their meals, the bar tender was mixing his drinks, and the pianiste (pianist) played ever so elegantly.

The waiters were wearing noir (black) tuxedo vests that had the viper tongues cut at the end, a blanc (white) tuxedo under shirt, and to finish it off.... they wore a beautiful or (gold) bow tie that was always tied to perfection. They were all male waiters, all around the age of 24 years or 25 years, and all of them wore the same clean cut hair with a various of color, brown, black, blonde, red, there was even some one with blue dyed hair. However, all of them had the same purpose.... to servir et divertir (serve and entertain). 

The chefs may have worn all colors, but gold, but they were the very most important. For what would a restaurant be without its chefs, sous chefs, and concepteurs d'aliments (Food designers)? It wouldn't be a restaurant at all. There was a female head chef, Madame Chef Vignes, a beautiful person inside out. A male sous chef, Monsieur Chef Saule, a very strict gentleman. The rest of them were the food tasters, and other normal chefs that prepared the meats, vegetables, fruits, and seasonings.

The Bar tender would have been the thorns to the fresh rose, if i say so myself. He had silky blonde hair with sparkling bright green eyes, a perfectly built body, sand freckles that complimented his features, and his smile... you know that smile you see only once in a lifetime that isn't forced? That its just kind and genuine? Well that's his smile, but I see it every night. The worst thing is that he is the youngest one of all of us, at 22 years old, and he is a part of the European mafia. He doesn't talk much about it, but when there's probleme (Trouble)  he will always be there. He charms every young lady that buys a drink and when she falls for him, you can just consider her heart shattered...Why consider it shattered? Because he only has his sight set on one girl, and that girl never pays him attention. Who is she? She is the pianist. Like I said, the thorns to the perfect rose.

Now, for the bell of the ball....the pianist. She was perfect in all ways but two. How do I know? Because I am her. I know that the Bar Tender wants to speak with me, to win me over... I know the chefs work ever so hard, and that  the waiters are all very different in reality. The magnifique red curls that complemented a pale complexion with Noisette d'or les yeux (Hazel gold eyes). The lace of white going down my back all the way down to my lower back, the lace then going down my arms to my sleeves ending with a outward v-cut. The rest of the dress was also skin-tight with white soft silk to hug me in ways no human could.... or so I thought. My flaw? Well I have two, but they are in somewhat different categories. Medical flaw of mine? I am most likely to die in only three years.Personal Flaw? I can read people's emotions like magic. When I saw the Bar Tender completely reject a young lady at the bar once, her heart was glowing blue. My guess was that she was heart-broken. His heart.... it was glowing gold. My guess he was somehow proud of that. The chefs hearts are usually a deep purple, possibly the feeling of loyalty? My heart is almost always white..... perhaps because I am not completely happy.....maybe it is because I feel hollow all the time, Like I have no emotion. Why do I say almost always? Because whenever I sit down on that piano bench and start to play.... my heart glows the richest red you would ever see. It shows how passionate I am about what I do.  Why was I given this power? I do not know, but it does come with consequences. Realize how I said consequences instead of only one. One being that you will never be able to have children, another being that you will die at a certain age because of whatever disease you will carry. For me, its not even a disease,,,,,, its a deadline. When I was a young girl, I was the eldest.... I was supposed to set an example for my younger adopted siblings. 8 of them to be exact, six of them girls, two of them boys. You might be asking..."But you said that you would never be able to have children, yet you are a daughter by blood?"... well I was a miracle. My father was the one with this cursed way of living, my mother was normal. Usually, there was no chance of me developing.... but something happened for it to come true.  What you ask? My guess would be that my father drank the last potion left in the world. The potion of life.... and that let me happen. However, that was a grateful yet selfish decision. How is it selfish? It is selfish for two reasons, one; he passed on his genetic curse.... two; nobody of the genetic code as mine is will ever be able to carry on. However, I am grateful because I had a chance to do what I love. To play the piano.... its like being freed from your bonds to me. I make the most of it, that's all I can say.

My fingers danced along the keys, both the black and the white ones, and then lingered on only white keys, holding the note. I held it for maybe a whole 30 seconds and finished the song of Giovanni Allevi- Aria. I then easily flipped a couple of pages and started to play The River Flows in You by Yiruma. It was probably my top favorite song of all time. I enjoyed all of his songs, but this one may have been my favorite. However, Kiss the Rain was by far better than The River Flows in You. Soon, the stars filled the sky outside, the moon was high and the smell of sweet and bitter wine filled the air.  It was maybe around ten o'clock i the night, yet I didn't stop playing because our restaurant did not close till midnight most nights. Within the hours to midnight, I continued to play, until every song that I had longed to play was finished. The aroma of the wine in the room made the scenery warm. Most of the guests that came this late at night were either really old couples or the mafia men. This was when the Bar Tender would sit down with his fellow friends and simply watched me play. This group of mafia men would range from 30 of hem to 60 of them sitting at the tables watching me play with wine at their hands and cigars in their mouths.  The elder couples would sit on the second floor and watch from above, probably criticizing everything and anything. Tonight was just the same.... until that door in the front opened once again and that cool breeze stumbled in.  Usually nothing would put me off from stopping in the middle of a song, but this caught me so off guard tat I actually did stop. I heard the murmurs of the guests and my face flushed with embarrassment. My hands had stopped mid-air. "Well shit.... what do I do now." I didn't dare look at anyone, I just looked straight at the door. Who else would I expect besides my own father. He who passed on this horrid curse. This was so unexpected and that sudden chill was awful. I slowly stood up and turned to my guests.

"I am deeply sorry for the sudden intrusion of my song being disturbed, but I simply need a drink. It has indeed been a very long night, I will be back to playing in just 5 minutes. Thank you for coming to the Le Cinq." 

I said this with as much sincerity as I could and I bowed my head down and then walked down the few steps and walked anxiously to the front of the restaurant. The Bar Tender looked confused and got up and followed me out to the front. The waiter was holding a menu about to seat my father to a table on the second floor, but I quickly put my hand up and looked at my father. I was more angered than happy to see him. He had kicked me out of the house at 15, passed on a curse, and I hadn't seen him in 10 years. He also obviously didn't notice or recognize who I was even though I looked just like his wife and my mom.

"Ten years.... you wait this long to come here?"

I said to him as I tried to mask my anger. He seemed confused more than ever as I spoke to him. The waiter tried to push me aside, but I ranked higher than him in our jobs, so he stopped. The bar tender tried to pull m back, but I easily pushed him aside. Tears welled my eyes, tears full of anger.

"You know what is the saddest thing right now?"

I asked, but all he did as look at me like I was crazy and said..

"Excuse me?"

"It is that you don't even recognize your own flesh and blood... you don't realize that I am you daughter."

"Anna, come on leave the poor man alone..."

The Bar Tender grabs my arm once again. I give him a glare that almost makes him run back, but he stands still letting me go. When I turn back around, my father looks at me with saddened eyes.

"Anastasia? Is it you...?"

I looked at him now, my tears had spilled over and all I wanted right now was to hit him... but I couldnt.

"Leave, if you don't leave this place right no...I will force you out. There are almost 60 mafia men here right now, and I am sure they would be glad to have you taken out. I used to love you, but when I found out what you passed on.... I promised myself tot never let you drag me down again. I was no miracle.... and you know it!!! You just made my life a living hell! That is all you did! Leave! Leave right now !"

I lost my temper, I yelled at him and he was about to snap back until the waiter helped him out. My mascara had flown down my cheeks, and I simply grabbed a napkin on the podium area and wiped my face. I turned to the bar tender, still angered.

"I would like a glass of champagne. Stat...."

I say as I then walk back to the Bar and sit on a stool.  I wanted to be alone, but I would never be truly alone. The Bar tender served me a glass and I sipped from it as we had a nice small chat.  No wonder the young ladies wanted him, he was very good at consoling... but yet I could see that his heart was golden.... he felt pride in this somehow.

"How do you know my name and yet I dont know yours?"

"What kind of question is that? Everybody knows who you are... and I guess you could say I am one of your biggest fans.... I am Carnudua......but you can call me Dua..."

I looked at him with a blank expression.

"You don't actually expect me to believe that is our real name, do you?"

He smiles with his cheeks a light pink.

" caught me there I guess....that's my stage name... but if I tell you my real name... you cannot tell anybody."

I rest my cheek in my hand and take another sip from my glass.

"I promise.."

"It's Zakaiir...but you can call me Zacky if you want.... can I call you Anna instead of Anastasia? 

I flash him a soft smile and hand him the glass.

"I don't see why not, but in public I would prefer you call me by my real name....Thank you for the small chat, but I have to play the piano now....until next time... Zacky."

I say this with a wink and walk myself back to the piano and play Victor's Solo from the movie Corpse Bride. It was quiet a peaceful song. ((Link; Zackaiir went back to his round table and I continued to play, my stress going away within moment. My eyes closed for a lingering moment and then opened, I heard some whispering, but nothing much more. I heard the burning out of cigars nearby which meant it was getting close to midnight. The evening closed as usual, the men left as well as the couples and once everything was cleaned up, I closed he lid of the piano and started to walk out the door. I flagged down a carriage and once I was home, I changed into a night gown and fell asleep quickly as the candle-light burned.

The next morning I telephoned the owner of the restaurant.

"Bonjur Sir Hashine, this is Anastasia, your pianist."

"Ah, Bonjur Anastasia... what is the pleasure I owe for receiving this call?"

"I wanted to make a request of you, if it was all right... I would like to have a partner to assist me today in a duet on the piano... therefore I would request of you bringing in a temporary piano and someone who knows how to play such as I... if it is possible.."

I spoke with a soft tone especially since it was only 8 a.m. It took Sir Hashine a couple of minutes to reply,I also heard him write something down too.

" I know a friend of mine who can help..... but he plays ( pick one of the following instruments;  violin, cello, viola) ... and he can bring his own instrument around 5 or 6 p.m.... does that sound all right? Also, why the sudden ask for a partner? Is there a special occasion?"

I stayed quiet for a moment.... why was I asking for a partner?

"I think maybe it is time to surprise our guests, I will split my pay so your friend gets a salary as well..."

"Sounds great Anastasia... Au Revior my dear. "

We then hangup the telephone and we carry on with our day. Within the rest of the hours of the day left until I had to leave, I cleaned, cooked, gardened, and read up on my studies along with practicing on my own piano. Around 4:20 p.m., I went to my wardrobe and looked at my gowns wondering what I should wear. Somehow, I managed to pull together an extravagant blue-themed outfit for the night. (Dress; I wore a a darker red of lipstick and it made my eyes glow. I braided my hair and tied it into a bun, leaving two strands twords the front of my face loose and curled. I grabbed my jacket and walked down the stone path until I reached the main city. I tagged a carriage and they brought me to the restaurant and I arrived just on time at 5 p.m. I walked past the guests as waiters tailored them to their seats. I played the piano for about thirty minutes until you arrived with your instrument. The man at the podium in the front of the restaurant asked why you had brought an instrument, but before you could reply, Sir Hashine... your dear friend walked up to you with a smile.

"Haha! (Your name), I am happy you could make it... that's Anastasia over at the piano... she was the one who requested for you to be here.... don't screw up my friend."

He said to you as he pointed at me, he walked you over and as my song ended, I stood up and walked over to the two of you, a smile upon my face. At the moment, Sir Hashine's heart was  golden as pride and yours.... it wasn't glowing at all. I was confused for a moment, but let it go. I placed my hand in front, hoping for you to shake it....(you may shake it or kiss it)

"I am Anastasia...."


*1. Type "Champagne" if you read it all.

2. I would like you to be 6+ line reply, none the less.

3. I would like you to be dominant.(You have the option of being in the Mafia)

4. Males only

5. No text talk and no emojis.

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♡Give me a sign i wanna believe~ Whoa Mona Lisa~

The young woman roamed the streets of the dark area,Her heels clicking onto the ground seemed to be the only sound that played. Along with the chilly wind that ran through. Her long hair flew behind her and dropped along her slender shoulders,Such a beauty she was. But those lovely violet eyes..Meant your death awaits. For this young woman was no ordinary young beauty that roamed..She was an evil witch. Yet,No one knew of her deadly forces. In this small town of London..Her name was..

Maria Crimson. The Maria many loved for being so friendly and open to anyone's arms. Men adored her beauty. And women envied her social skills. Yet none knew of her sorcery.

"Such a friendly Woman!"



But upon meeting a certain man,Her heartless mind might even be taken away....

{Present Day}

"Morning Maria!"

"Good Morning Love,May i have a regular?"

The waiter at the counter can't help but give a wide grin at the woman's smile that brightens his day. The smile that made his broken heart flutter. He turns to make his crush a small cup of rich tea,The one the woman always chose to receive at this small shop. Quickly,He thrusts the cup into her hands and holds out a hand before she can give him a payment.

"Please,Keep it."

Maria smiles,Pecking the Waiter's cheek before walking out the front entrance and onto the cloudy London streets. Her devious plan coming for her next victim of Enchantment..Yet unknown to Her,A certain individual knew her deeds. And had her locked on. Who may be that person you ask? Oh my,Its the Witch Hunter, [Y/N]. Women fell to their knees in hopes of pleasing him,While men envied his looks and flirty compliments. Yet like Maria,No one knew his plans. To hunt down and kill. A woman he adored.

[Y/N]'s POV]

"I'm telling you! I saw Her!"

I groan,Staring down at the pathetic middle aged child before me with wide eyes and messy hair. He's yapping a rumor like a dog,And being so persistent that it's causing me a migrane.

"Sir I'm telling the truth!"


"I uh.."

A movement catches my gaze and i feel my arms grow into tense fists as i knew who this was. The woman I loved,But despised with hatred..Maria Crimson..Tsk. The woman that was chosen to be investigated from the recent deaths that ran across town. Long dirty blonde hair that swung when she walked,And the beautiful smile everyone just loved! Now i must admit...Id never forget my first encounter with her. And i despised her for it. But loved it.


"Excuse me."

The young male looks up to the young woman standing in front of him. Oh this one. This beautiful woman that just didn't interest him from her popularity..

"May I sit here?"

"Hmph. Sure."

Maria takes a seat in front of him,Propping her head onto her elbows and inspecting the male's looks.

"You must be Maria-"

He stops. Gazing into her violet eyes of Enchantment,He knew those eyes. The eyes of death and and sorcery. And he can't help but smirk in amusement.

"[Y/N]. I'm guessing."

"You've heard of me?"

"The witch hunter."

The male arches his brows and stops reading his newspaper. This woman suddenly catching his attention. But before he could ask,Maria had stood and made an exit. But left a small envelope behind.

"Never thought a Hunter could be so clever. Good luck~ Maria Crimson."

|Back to Reality|

[Y/N]'s POV]

As a test to catch her again. I decided to too..


- Rules -
- 4+ Lines/ Detail
- No Text Talk/Emojis
- Character Description
- If you can guess the song Line. Say The name and your in~
- Enjoy 
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+reвelle ѕιnworтн​ this is one of five

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Would any girls like to roleplay with any of my OCs? Each one has there own starter.

Kazo Asomaugh [Blonde Hair (Starter: Secret Admirer)]

Jarrad Weiss [Black Hair, Human (Starter: Beach Trip Of Confessions)]

Tokaya [Black Hair, Neko (Starter: Neko Love)]

Carter Graham [Brown Hair (Starter: The Big College Game)]



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