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Campaign Logger R2 for Windows released!

Please backup all your logs before installing R2 / uninstalling R1.

This R2 brings all new features to the Windows platform. Although thoroughly tested, please consider it beta for the next few weeks and report any problems you encounter here or to

You can run R1 and R2 side by side. Both versions are completely isolated and won't affect the other's logs.

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What is your favorite platform to use Campaign Logger on?
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Based on Johnn Four's patron-only PDF "Village Generator" I created a little app, that uses some of his tables to generate a "3 Line Village".

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Campaign Logger for Android is available now!

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Campaign Logger for Windows (8.1+) is available now!

Referred here from Johnn Four's Patreon site. Would love to beta test, on an HTC One M7 (Android 5.0.2).

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Patrons of Johnn Four ( may want to checkout the new version of the Campaign Logger (

New features include:
- tag list jump marks (and a new tag list layout)
- auto complete on tags
- calendar sorted by date (instead of alphanumerical)
- support for non-ASCII letters in tags
- simple text file export of a log

Hi all, I am preparing another beta test round and will free some beta-tester places beforehand. I am glad to invite any new applicants. Thanks for your interest!

While logging, how do you explore the entries so that you can post as a web entry or an email?

Hello world!
Just entered the community following Johnn Four.
Available for testing Campaign Logger
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