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In October 2010 Martha Lane-Fox declared "Revolution not evolution" in her report on the state of the Government's online presence. Four years later that vision is well on the way to being a reality, with the single domain GOV.UK in daily use by millions of UK citizens, and the Government Digital Service leading the way internationally in transforming Government IT.

In this experience report David will tell the story of the development and
evolution of the GOV.UK Departments and Policy publishing tool (codenamed "whitehall"), a large rails monolith developed under significant time pressure. He'll outline some of the key decisions, challenges, mistakes and learnings acquired along the way. You can expect some musings and reflections on approaches to testing and software architecture and maybe some hawaiian shirts.

Sporting the hawaiian look at GDS:

Photo description: Neil Williams (product manager), David Heath (developer), Pete Herlihy (delivery manager) celebrate the first departments going live on GOV.UK

​Source (from @JanetHughes):

David Heath works as a software developer at the Government Digital Service in London, where he's worked for the past 3 years on the publishing tools behind the award-winning GOV.UK website. When he's not building software David can
be found playing french and european folk music on the accordion.
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Stephen Blower originally shared:
Regression Testing: Myths and Illusion's

Regression Testing is a commonly used term, does this mean we all know what it is and when we do it and what the outcomes should be? Is there an agreeable definition of regression testing that would be useful or don’t we need such a definition?

I've found that as many testers, developers and managers that there are, there are also as many meanings behind what they think Regression Testing is.

This evening we'll discuss these five questions:

What is Regression Testing?
Is a Regression Test the same every time?
Do you need to do a Regression Test for every functional change?
Should Regression Testing be automated?
Are bugs found when doing Regression testing Regression defects? Does it matter?
Based on recent experiences on the Testing Coach (#testingcouch) Skype chat (available here) that I hold once a month and the Midlands Exploratory Weekend Testing (#MEWT) workshop I have recently attended.

Although in both sessions some over all agreement was eventually reached, it was very apparent at the outset that we all perceived it to be something quite different.

Tonight’s session will be hosted by Stephen Blower and Paul Berry who will deliver two experience reports of how they see Regression Testing as previously being and now being after recent learns.


I'm looking for a Developer in Test so if you think you have the skills or know someone who has please get in contact, details can be found here. Developer in Test Role 


Stephen Blower:

With more than eighteen years of testing experience within a multitude of testing fields from gaming, internet service provisioning, gambling, financial services and version control organisations, Stephen Blower has seen the testing industry evolve from strict dogmatic practices to more flexible context driven ways of working towards delivering quality.

Stephen is a strong advocate for tester recognition and he does not accept testing being left to the end. He often provokes debate on what is often seen by non-testers and testers alike as an industry stuck in the middle ages, inflexible and stagnant. To promote this he organises a regular peer group for those involved within development where the tester’s role is hotly debated and controversial topics are encouraged.

Paul Berry:



Corecom Consulting 

We pride ourselves in high standards and involvement in the wider IT community. Integrity is extremely important to us; have you ever been promised a call back from a recruitment consultant and waited for weeks for nothing ever to come through? Well that's not Corecom. We'll always endeavour to get back to you regardless of the situation with honest and frank advice.  All of our consultants work to high levels of moral integrity and standards of best practice.
Sheffield Test Gathering: Event 11
Thu, October 9, 2014, 6:30 PM GMT+1
Rutland Arms

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Hi Guys... Just started a new community for all Sheffielders. It's a community for us to discuss and post something that we are looking for in Sheffield. This way we could help each and everyone. Cheers!
What Are You Look For in Sheffield,UK
In search for something in particular here in Sheffield, UK? This community is created to help you find what you've been looking for.
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Stephen Blower originally shared:
What is Continuous Delivery?
Continuous Delivery is a software development discipline where you focus on building software in such a way that it can be released to production at any moment. It focuses on techniques and process that allows software to be developed to a high standard, easily packaged and deployed, resulting in the ability to rapidly, reliably and repeatedly push out new features and bug fixes to customers at low risk and with minimal manual overhead

Many businesses are adopting Continuous Delivery because the frequent releases and low risk nature of these releases can provide a competitive cost advantage. This is particularly important in a world where many businesses can only exist and survive and are defined by software based systems.

Following straight on from the talk will be having an open discussion on how can testing activities fit into Continuous Delivery. With Continuous Delivery focusing on small batch sizes and being able to release at any time Testing can become a bottleneck. The Testing the community took some time in establishing practices for Agile projects and this is the communities chance to engage and establish practices early on.

Alan Parkinson is poacher turned gamekeeper having started his career 14 years ago as a developer and then moving through the tester and operations roles to now be founder and CEO of Hindsight Software. Some of you might know him for his work on BDD and automated checking techniques but he is really interested in improving the overall software development process. This has resulted in his strong opinions on the tribalism and silos around software development roles and their impact on the software we deliver.

I’m currently looking for a sponsor, please contact me if you would like to support this event

#sheftest   #testing   #development   #developers   #continuousdelivery  
Sheffield Test Gathering: Event 10
Tue, June 17, 2014, 6:30 PM GMT+1
Rutland Arms

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A new version of the Transported iPhone App beta is out with a tweaked style and lots of improvements. If you want to try it out for free then sign up here:

Stuart Grimshaw's profile photoLuke Stringer's profile photo
Thats ok. No, it is using a combination of the open gov transport data and TSY's live departure dates web site.
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Note that this is not our usual meeting date of the first Thursday of the month. April will return to our usual date.

This month we're having a coding session. Bring along any coding problems or katas that you're familiar with that can be implemented in C#. We'll vote at the start of the meeting and attempt the most popular problem in pairs.

If you'd like to attend this meeting, please register for free here on Google Plus and try to bring along a laptop with either Visual Studio or Mono installed.

The Sheffield .NET User Group is open to all levels of .NET user, including those who don't currently know any .NET languages, but would like to learn. To find out more, follow @dotnetsheff on Twitter or see the Google group:
Sheffield .NET User Group
Thu, March 13, 2014, 6:30 PM GMT

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Hey everyone,

Just wondering if anyone would be interested in setting up an iOS Dev meetup in Sheffield? There's quite a few other cities (NSManchester etc), and we're missing out here in Sheffield!

Bronwyn Kate's profile photoZack Brown's profile photo
I would definitely be interested in this :]
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Liam Jolly

Discussion  - 
JLUGS are meeting at the Rutland on the 16th of October for a talk on Android development.
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On 12/13th October First Play Sheffield and Games Britannia are hosting a game jam at Sheffield Hallam University. Should be really good fun!
We are pleased to announce, in collaboration with Games Britannia, our very first game jam! What's a game jam? Well we pick a theme on the day (details to follow) and all participants make a game in the allotted time based on that theme. Not a coder? Not a problem! If you have any digital art, writing or music skills you will be very welcome. People can work alone or together, it's very casual and free form.  Note: This event is for university s...
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Created by

About this community

Digital geekery in and around Sheffield. - Play nice. - Share and be open. - No recruitment / agencies. Hosting a usergroup or meetup? Add it as an event to let people know. Twitter: @sheffieldgeeks

Draw Nine

Discussion  - 
Hi, we opened a community for local events in Sheffield.  Come join and tell us about your events.
Sheffield Events
Tell us about your local events in Sheffield & surrounds
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Stephen Blower

Discussion  - 
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Just wondering if anybody knows of any upcoming conferences \ workshops etc in or around Sheffield. Specifically I am looking for anything related to C# and .NET as well as TDD, MVC but any sort of developer related event would be of interest.
I know there used to be a .NET event that ran monthly at the workstation but I believe this has now ceased to run?
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James Almond

Discussion  - 
This month's talk is from Luke Roberts and is a comparison between Go and Ruby. From the abstract:

"We all <3 Ruby.
Most people don’t get to get paid for doing what they find fun.
Ruby is a big part of what has made programming fun over the last few years. That said we are all hackers and like to play with new toys. We relish the opportunity to use something new but its hard to find a task we can’t simply do a better job of in Ruby.
Well, recently I had a task where Ruby was not even an option. We chose Go. And this is what we learned!"

The talk will cover some fundamentals, such as compiled vs. dynamic, bundler vs. godep, class based OO vs. struct base OO, pass by reference vs. pass by value, GIL vs. Concurrency and much more.

Luke is a fellow allstar in helping build Sqwiggle( adding skills on top of quite a lot of Ruby experience in the past
at The Floow( and Llama Digital(
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Hello, I would like to let you know about the Games Britannia Live! festival weekend that I can organising. I hope that the weekend's activities will be of interest to some of you and your networks. The full line-up of events and things-to-do is here: - I'd appreciate it if you could also spread the word to your networks and try and get as many people as possible to come along and have fun!
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Hey everyone!

The final presentations from +Startup Weekend Sheffield are taking place tonight in the Mappin Building at +The University of Sheffield from 5pm. If you're around, we'd love to see you there supporting the start-up community :)
Startup Weekend is a global network of passionate leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, teams and communities. Come share ideas, form teams, and launch startups.
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Jag Goraya

Discussion  - 
Building an app in Sheffield? Need to test it on a range of devices? Head over to the Open Device Lab ... 
They're taking donations of reasonably current gear too, so share your device lurve. 

Kudos to +Wojtek Kotowski for bringing it.
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might be a good place to mention ORG (open rights group)'s next meeting, at the fabulous Red Deer weds 8th jan?

as james wallbank puts it: forgotten about prism? they haven't forgotten you :-)
Hey, do you guys do many events or meets or anything in Sheffield?
Jag Goraya's profile photo
Nudge this up a bit - another ORG meetup at Red Deer tomorrow night (12 Mar) ...
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Sheffield Geeks

Discussion  - 
It's been nearly a year with the same old banner pic for the Sheffield Geeks community. Much more interesting to see some pics from some of the groups that have been going on.  

Fancy sharing your favourite pics of the year? Have them +1'd and the most voted for before next Friday will be the Sheffield Geeks Banner of the Month. 

Probably ought to have a hashtag for this ... #geekbanner?
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Perry Ismangil

Discussion  - 
Seems cool, any Sheffield events being planned?
Teach & learn how to code! Take part in the #CodeEU week at the end of November and organise your own coding event in your town! Check the details  and get ready!
Do not forget the map of initiatives for Europe's coding week! Check it out and see where and when you can learn about coding. There is surely something happening where you are. And if there is nothing, organise your own coding event and add it to the map!
#code   #coding  
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Neil Wheatley

Discussion  - 
I'm considering setting up an alternative to Sheffield Forum using phpBB. The main differences to SF would be:

- A slight focus on setting up local art, tech and business projects (although all types of discussion would be accommodated)
- Stricter moderation of posts and membership (so less bigotry and general stupidity than SF)

In a nutshell, this would be a geekier forum for Sheffield that promotes smart discussion and helps like-minded people meet.

I would cover the costs myself with a view to them being met by a few small ad spaces, once the community has grown.

And before anyone says "why not just use G+" - a dedicated forum can have its own identity and can be customised to meet the needs of the community.

First though, I need to know - how many of you would be interested in taking part in a forum like this?
Martin Frost's profile photoNeil Wheatley's profile photo
Same, if you wanna email me at we can arrange for next week.
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