Hey everyone, I've been doing nearly all of my HF stuff on Windoze based software (HRD), but feel like a traitor every time I boot the system and enter the bizarre world of Bill Gates. (HRD->Win7->FT-897->LTG tuner->4:1 balun->40m-6m multiband horizontal loop).

I vastly prefer using OS X or Linux, but haven't seen anything as polished as HRD. I'd like to use my quad-core MBP for most home-based digital communications and develop portable QRP SDR capability too. I've been looking at various options for radios, but decent software for OS X seems to be much harder to find.

My first question for anyone wandering in is:
What are you using for radio to computer interfacing (cat control)? 

I own a couple RigBlasters (pnp and a Pro).  The PNP just doesn't work at all, it doesn't get recognized as a serial port to connect to.  I need to find the Pro's USB to serial connector before I try that on the new iMac I picked up a couple months ago for at least PTT. 

Any comments on what you have and how reliable does it work for your set up?  I am looking to do WSJT-65, RTTY and other assorted digital modes.

QTH: Odenton, MD
Radio: Yaesu 817ND
Computer: iMac 21 inch late 2012 8g of Ram
Interface: Rigblaster pnp but doesn't work.
Digtial modes mainly
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