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E se a Lua sumisse?
Trago mais um vídeo do meu canal! Dessa vez, discutindo sobre um tema muito interessante: O que aconteceria se a Lua sumisse?
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Velvet was lonely and he was definitely lonely around this school. he always thought that people were scarier and that he was just a fluffy teddybear compared to the others, but what would change his mind?

Name: Velvet Goldrid (AKA "The disguise")

Age: 21 (He got held back a couple of years)

Gender: Genderfluid (Male/They pronouns)

Likes: being hidden, the darkness, other peoples pain, art, clothing, dolls, chocolate, chocolate, and even more chocolate

Dislikes: Other people, math, logic, himself, pain, and chocolate

Crush: eyy That's confidential stuff you're asking him

Bio: Velvet always kept to himself. And he never talks about his past. But what exactly happened? He lived the stereotypical life, being bullied, being abused by his dad, getting raped at the age of ten, and you know. The usual. But one day he snapped, and he tried his best to kill himself. But what did that do? Make people think he's insane. And he was stuck until he snapped again. But this time, he had another person in the way. A demon. He took possession of his body and after that they became "Friends". Friends that killed and wanted to kill himself. And that's the story folks! Sorry it was pretty short

Looks: Half his face is pitch black and the other side is a bright peach, his hair is always in a ponytail and he mostly wears steampunk styled clothing. Half his face looks like it's burnt off but it's not. It's just his demon wanting to be shown to. You've got to give him credit though!

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Both: walking around without there rabbit jacket's on since they dont have their jackets there hair is a different color (Poka= blue, Mumu= purple-ish) 

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Name(twins); Poka Menoa(Mostly black outfit)(Poka drowned)  Mumu Captor (MOstly pick outfit) (Mumu the Killer)
Age; 15
Gender; Female (Both)
likes; Bunnies, black, pink, blue, yellow, and purple ,each other
dislikes; almost nothing beside's bullies, people who god mode
Crush?; (both) Unknown only each other know 

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Name: Jeffery Woods (Jeff The Killer)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Likes: Baby Chicken (the bird). The sound of walking on gravel. Blood. The sound of this victims cries.
Dislikes: Humans. Being bossed around. When his victims get away.
Crush: ???
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Name: John
Cp name: rising death
age: 18
gender: male
species: Human
sexuality: Straight
likes: skating and walking in the forest
dislikes: bullies and sexism
personality: a strong leader type of guy john mostly will take as a leader in many cases, he is an independent type of guy that doesn't like society.
killing tactics: will kill using his sword or his axes normally decapitating when someone sees him
bio: john is an orphan who hated people and was always on the run he grew like this his whole life and he just recently found this school and joined. his only companion is his dog paco

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Todos nos Temos um Demônio dentro de si, ele esta ao seu lado Esquerdo, Apenas não se Faz visivel ainda. Um dia sua Falta de fé ainda o fará visivel, Então cuidado quando esse momento chegar ^^
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