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Great video and great song!!
The best character !!
Thank you for watching !!

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Well people, the mid-season finale has aired, and a LOT of shit went down. For one thing, we were given the identity of Prometheus, and I was extremely disappointed that it was some new guy we'd never met before. It would've been so much more heart-wrenching if it was someone Ollie knew, like for example, TOMMY MERLYN. That would've been SO good. Instead, it's Justin Claybourne's son?! WTF?! I don't even remember that guy from season one, and we didn't even know he had a son, BECAUSE HE WASN'T EVEN A MINOR CHARACTER.
But away from that. In the episode, Diggle got arrested, Curtis became single again, and Laurel came back somehow. And that's great and all, but I am so much more concerned with the identity reveal of one of the most badass Arrow villains ever. I'm still holding out hope that it's another misdirect, like when they made us think it was Quentin. Mostly because a few things were suspicious, like why would Prometheus have a picture of himself as a baby? The line "Did he mean anything to you, or was he just another name to cross off your list?" was seemingly about his 'dad' Justin Claybourne, but it COULD just be a statement about Ollie's reckless killings in S1. Or another misdirect. Y'know how CW loves their misdirects. Anyway, hope this isn't true/permanent, and hope it gets fixed.

Thought I'd share some of my little brother's fan theories on the identity of Prometheus, because they're random, meritless, and hysterical. Here goes:
Henry Allen
Rip Hunter
Solomon Grundy
Dark Archer
Snoopy (because 'It'd be funny')
One of the 'crew'
Barry Allen
Joe West

And many more! 



okay so Prometheus was the main villain for the actual first time and it was lit, but could Quentin Lance maybe be Prometheus???? We seemed to have been led to believe that he is in the last minute of the show, but misdirection is not uncommon in Arrow, and I think it'd be a massive waste of a character if they outed Lance as Prometheus. Then again, Arrow is no stranger to wasting characters either. With the scratch on his arm, and the shuriken not covered in blood, so far all evidence is pointing to Quentin, who definitely has motive, but lacks fighting skills necessary to take on Ollie on his crew, and also lacks the metal working skills to fashion deadly weapons from Ollie's weapons. I think we can disregard theories like Shado, Huntress, etc., as Prometheus is definitely a male. Other likely candidates are Tommy Merlyn, my favorite, Billy Malone, Robert Queen, and Roy Harper, believe it or not. So let me know what you think.
Here's the link to a video with the last scene for re-examination or if you haven't seen it yet:

Hey, guys, so I haven't done a post in a while and thought with all the cool stuff coming out on Arrow that I should, so here goes.
Characters- We're getting lots of them. We get Mr. Terrific, Wild Dog, Artemis, Vigilante, Prometheus, Tobias Church, and more, and I am PUMPED. I'm very excited for Mr. Terrific, and the little glance we got of his costume looks sick. I just hope they fix his athletic ineptitude, because, in the comics, he is an Olympic level athlete. Wild Dog I don't know much about, but he also looks awesome, and It'll be fun to have him on the show. Same goes for Vigilante. Prometheus looks SICK, and I actually really hope that he turns out to be Tommy Merlyn. I kind of doubt this, though, because in the Arrow Wiki description of Prometheus, it says that he lost someone to Oliver. But whatever. Tobias Church I know absolutely nothing about, so that's cool. One more thing I'm excited for is that in the Wiki, it states that Roy Harper/Arsenal will be a recurring character, so that's incredible. Oh, and Artemis. She kinda looks like shit from what I see so far. I'd really like more green on the suit.

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Heroes And Villains Fan Fest ARROW FLASH GOTHAM CAST 2016 via YOUTUBE UK

So. Let's talk Supergirl. I started watching it way back it October, and honestly, I was kind of let down. The show just didn't do it for me. I don't know why. But, I hear it's been introducing powerhouses like Red Tornado and Martian Manhunter. The Flash has been hinting at Aquaman, Arrow's got Vixen and Mr. Terrific coming up, and if all of these characters came together, it could be the DCTV version of Infinity War. Do you think Supergirl is a part of Arrow? People have made the point that Supergirl and The Man Of Steel would have been referenced by now, and that's a fair point, but who knows? Flash has been teasing Metamorpho with Stagg industries since Season 1. 
Let me know what you think in the comments.

With all the Kord Industries logos that have been popping up on Arrow recently, It's possible that Blue Beetle may eventually make an appearance. As for the actor that may or may not play him, I say Adam Scott from Parks And Recreation. He's talented, puts out a funny, cocky kind of vibe, and looks the part. As for Booster Gold, Ted Kord's friend and Rip Hunter's dad, I would love to see Christopher Masterson play him. He was Francis in Malcolm In The Middle over ten years ago. He was hilarious, and arrogant, and I think he'd be great. The two would be great on Legends, Flash, Arrow, or Supergirl, which appears to be connected to the Arrowverse. What do you think?
Let me know in the comments.
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