Hi everyone, I'm Joe and I've just started a blog on the realisation that I'm nearing 40 and the impact of impending fatherhood. Hopefully it'll be a lighthearted journey of self discovery, change and reflection through the end of pregnancy and settling in with a new baby after a 15 year break. You can join the journey with me at dontforgettheflabdad.blogspot.com any and all advice, comments or general support is greatly appreciated.

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Parenting is like playing Madden with someone who owns the game. You start out confident and more and more often you say to yourself "why the fuck did I start playing this game to begin with!?"

It is amusing to me that there are only a few posts here. Not much free time when you're a parent, hey?

On a more serious note, we hired a sleep consultant for our 11 month old daughter. She would sleep for 45 mins and wake for 15. All night. My wife and I went insane for 6 months, and luckily survived.

We changed a few things:

1) Earlier bed time (7pm vs 8pm)
2) More consistent naps during the day - no more than 3-3.5 he's between waking/nap/waking/nap/waking/bed time
3) No toys in crib
4) No night light
5) White noise generator
6) Sleep sack
7) Small bed time routine

Night one: Holy shit. She was awake for 1.5hrs screaming. I had to sit with her, reassuring her to sleep, while she learned to put herself to sleep. Took a while.

Night two: Woke once for ten minutes

Night three and the last 11 days: Sleeping through the night, 7pm-6am.

We are finally remembering what it is like to have a full night sleep. Worth every cent.

Am I the only one who feels like parenting is a job nobody is training us for but everyone expects us to be good at??

This afternoon it occured to me that I have said to my kids (2 boys and a girl all under 7) more than a dozen times this week "why would you think that was a good idea!?"
Maybe I just dont remember my parents having to yell at my brother and I that often.
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