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Up and running. First up, measuring my reduced sized W3NQN filters.

80, 40, 20 working really well. 15 and 10, um more development work to do.

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I can hardly wait!

Hi. Is there any representative of miniVNA in Brazil? I would like to buy miniVNA Tiny, but I could not find where here. Also, is possible to use miniVNA as spectrum analyzer? Main usage is for antenna tuning and filter tuning.

plz i wanna know how to use mini vna tiny as asignal generator?

Anyone got an Extender they want to part with?

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A short review of antenna and network analyzers:

I have a SARK 100, with the internal battery pack, ( i have fitted this ) , I have an issue , the swr readings are close , however the ohms readings are not , .
we compared 3 analyzers, mini 60, mfj 239( I think ) and the sark 100.
the swr readings were all within cooey (close) , as were the ohms , expect the sark100, where the others showed 50ohms , the sark showed 6ohms,
does anyone have an explanation and a fix please


I wish to buy minivna pro for testing EMI/EMC filters, and passive components.Can anyone please tell me the difference bet. minivna pro,minivna tiny and minivna pro BT and which is the right product for our application?

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• Frequency range 1MHz – 3GHz
• Calibration using open-short-load for accurate results
• Range of Z from 1 to 1000 ohm
• Two ports VNA with S11 and S21; displayed and save results
• RF Generator with output power of -6dBm @ 500 MHz
• Powered from USB
• SMA connectors for better isolation
• Dynamic range – up to 70 dB @ 500 MHz
• Boot loader for future firmware upgrades
• User friendly interface for PC Windows Linux and Mac
• Integrated Smith chart in software
• Android Mobile Phone software
• Export data in several formats JPEG, EXCEL, ZPLOT, S2P, PDF

Hi, what do you think about new miniVNA Tiny ?
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