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BAWK bawk
Animated Photo

My OC name: Sapphire Dream
Age: 25
Type: Pegasus
(I don't have a pic of her sowwy)

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My oc in uniform

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My oc


Ocs name: Pepsi pop
Age: why do u wanna know! It's rude to ask a woman's age!
Race:female pegasus

Name: Shadow
Race: male Pegasus
Looks: a metal right hind hoof, coat is black, has a blue mane, cutie mark is a Spartan 2 helmet with a sound board
Bio: Shadow was one of the most elite and secret soldiers during service to the royal sisters and one of the best. He was put in status before Lune was sent to the moon and was taken out after she came back. since he has been in the cyro tube he doesn't age the same rate as everyone else. he has also been attacked by other ponies and frequently has to defend himself.
other elements in this file are still classified

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hi everyone  i'm  chocolate bon and this is rainbow shy dash :3

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Name:Dazzling Flash
Likes:Flying Fast,Sweets,Rainbows,Cupcakes,
Dislikes:Flying Slow,Slow Ponies,Slow Griffons
Bio:I'm Dazzling Flash my creater Deathia Starial looks evil but she is nice I'm her daughter and my dad is +deathwish nightshred​ and my brother is +Slender Pony™​ And my niece is +Zilla Jr. which is awesome XD​ my mom lives Zilla alot when Zilla is trapped in wires ny mom helps she lives her friends and my aunts +The Twilight Wolf​ and +Luna Dash​ care about me my mom tells me stories all about her Flying when she was my Age she says she was ignored so much one timed she turned into a Manic my dad cares about mom alot they have alot of Weapons to mom's new name is Fadilla SoldierCakes after getting posses by Fadkiller and Edo Soldier she says she'll give me a spirit if I can be good
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