If I downloaded and paid for ArtFlow on my Kindle, and just recently got it on my phone, how do I "log in" to get my pro features and gallery?

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When I use my digital pen, which is an adonit pro, the line is much thinner than when I use my finger, with the same pen settings. Can someone explain this to me?

I am looking to increase the dpi or resolution on my artwork. How can I achieve this?

i need help recovering an artwork i've been working on the entire day. stupid me hadn't saved & went out of the app to edit an image to come back to a blank canvas.

is there anyway to recover it ?

i have the Artflow file related to the artwork i was doing (i think). would that help ?


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Hello, wouldn't it be nice to add some shortcuts between the unused space of the top menu bar in Artflow tablet version?

- The first shortcut would be a switch between "hold to erase" and the eyedropper to assign to the spen button. When I am sketching I prefer the side button to be the eraser, and when I'm coloring the eyedropper, that would make the switch faster and convenient.

- The second shortcut would be a row of the most recent used brushes; that would save a lot of time when coloring and adding textures. The thumbnails could be a little screenshot of the brush or a number, but in that case the brushes should receive a number in the brush list. The number of recent brushes could be 3, 4 or more.

This is a picture about how it could look:


So, I just created a new file, and went to the gallery again, and pressed and hold the old picture when the trash bin would appear and it didn't work..

Stupid question but how do I delete artwork? I don't see the option anywhere.

+ArtFlow Studio I can't get Active Edge to work on Note 9 even if the setting is turned on. Am i missing something? Thanks

+ArtFlow Studio When transforming a layer , the transform boundaries frame should not be around the whole canvas, but around the boundary of the layer's pixels. Can this be done? Thanks
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