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ArtFlow 2.0 (for tablets) is here, I've started staged release of final 2.0.0 version. Staged release means that is only available for fraction of active users (5% at the moment) so I can make sure everything goes smoothly. I expect full roll-out at the end of week.

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Since version 2.5.47 "Smooth Guide" has almost no perceptible effect. Would there be any way to adjust this parameter? (Galaxy Tab A 9.7 + S Pen)

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ArtFlow: number one in fluency / performance.

There are alternatives to ArtFlow very interesting, but I want to say here that, as far as I know, none allow me to draw with the fluency that AF allows, while I can enjoy a set of functions as useful as the one it offers this application. All this with a very acceptable stability.

I have decided again to continue using AF as a preferred application in my work.

(Galaxy Tab A 9.7 + S Pen)
Animated Photo

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Animalia Imaginatio III

The last one with the fantasy animal, enjoy.

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Few remarks :
1-Dragging the color circle in order to sample color from the canvas is not always easy - it works only after a few failed attempts. many times I'd drag out the circle and nothing happens.. it takes a few tries to finally pull the color picker circle.
Tab S3
+ArtFlow Studio
2-Also hoping the setting for simultaneous canvas zoom+rotate be implemented (maybe optional in the settings)
3-Is there a plan in future updates to let the user create a brush and define/import the brush head?


I'm having a problem with the Oval tool. I'm unable to reposition or reshape the Oval. I select the tool. It lands in the middle of the screen. I can't move it to a different place, or reshape it to different oval.

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I've just uploaded new beta version (2.5.30) with new brushes management implementation. In new version with Discrete brushes option enabled each brush has separate set of properties per tool (that is changing say size of brush for eraser will not change size for paint tool). Additionally size and flow dynamic has now full response control via response curve editor (see screenshot). Last but not least active brushes are saved and restored across application restart.

Manual download link:

+ArtFlow Studio a few remarks while using Artflow the last couple of days:

1-It would be fantastic if you could improve the responsiveness of the zoom and rotate gestures. they still feel a bit "heavy" and not as easy and quick as you'd expect. Regardless of the snapping , rotating and zooming canvas doesn't feel responsive enough.
2-Reminder: adding the ability to pin the color picker (or sliders) for easy access while painting.
3- gesture shortcuts for undo /redo when the tool bar is not hidden. maybe move the "tap corner" shortcut to be right under the tool bar.
Many thanks
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