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We are please to inform  that "offDrive Carpooling App" Beta is available now.

Follow these steps to try Beta version and become a Tester,
Step 1:  Join this community
Step 2: Click this link and follow the instructions:

Thank you

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offDrive Carpooling app connects you with other commuters/ office goers having common route, schedule, origin & destination. You can browse profiles, know their preferences, designation and then request or offer rides and also send messages, if required.

The app is equipped with a Panic Button as well to send out SOS to the emergency contact with location, vehicle & passenger update(s). What's cool is the cost of the drive, which is currently calculated at ₹ 5.92/ Km per car, is shared equally by all the passengers, so if there are 3 passengers (including the driver) in a car - the per person rate is 1.97/ Km roughly, from point (A - B). And the best part is, that this rate is always in sync with the market's fuel prices.

All the individuals are verified initially via an SMS and an email and then they are required to upload the required documents to earn the "Verified" badge.

The riders choose from the listing whom they want to travel with, once paired, they just need to go the "Active Ride" section and tap "start ride" when they hop in, and "stop ride" when they hop out and finally just enter the KMs travelled. This data is uploaded to the server and an automatic cash transaction occurs - the passenger(s) are debited and the driver is credited, about which the notifications are sent to all the individuals.

Once a ride is finished, individuals can rate each other to make the community safer & more reliable for others.

The adoption of this concept can help commuters save 47% - 82% of their monthly fuel expense and also help the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

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