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Name: Damian Wayne
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: black hair and green eyes
Species: human
Zodiac sign: Aquarium
Birthday: July 5
Personality: loyal, shy, quiet
Likes: winning, stick
Dislikes: losing
Skill: physical fighting, stick fighting, and parkour
Nationality: gothom/DC
Crush: None
Family: Bruce Wayne and Alfred
Bio: He was adopted when his ad died. Wayne took him in and raised my with Alfred.

Fighting traits
Skills: physical and stick fighting and parkour
Strengths: batman and sticks
Weaknesses: dads and human body
Weapon of choice: metal rod
Powers: none
Occupation: sidekick
Rank: __
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WOW this is my Room looks like my kinda room i think i'm gonna lision to little mix

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I can be a little bit shy arownd pepole but i love music

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I'm so happy to be haer espeshly arfter what i've been throue ☺

Okay i'm gonna go to sleep now good night wake me up for class

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sits at a bench outside the school

lays on the ground with blood all over me then someone comes

Open rp
locks himself in dorm not letting anyone in

i must revive this community
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