Hello everyone!!!

My name is Marissa and I am one of the 2 moderators for this site. It's been forever and a day since I've been able to come on here (real life got in the way, sadly!!)

So a little confession, I made this page a long time ago. Back when it originally started, there were only a few hundred members. We were all super close knit and everyone got along.

Sadly, shortly after (about a year or so) the page exploded with a ton of new members. It quickly became too much to handle and there were a lot of members that came on and had ulterior motives when joining. I was just a teenager back then - and instead of handling it, I just let the page go and stopped moderating it.

About 6 months ago, I came back to the page and I was saddened by the amount of shameful posting, bullying, and nonsense. This page was made for people around the US and the world to come together and talk/learn ASL in a judgment free zone. (and for free!!)

Long story short, the online world has changed drastically since I first started this page, and a lot more things are said that people would never say in person. I will be moderating this site more closely now and removing/banning anyone that is disgraceful in any form or fashion. Depending on the nature, there will be no warning. In the long run, you know what is right and what is wrong. Let's be smart and have a welcoming community for anyone!!


Now to move beyond the post above, this is written in hopes that we can make this page even better than it is. I want to get your input!

What kinds of things do you want to see on this page? Things we did a long time ago were:

-Signing socials - we created 1 video chatroom for people who were comfortable signing with no voices and 1 room for other people that needed voice on while signing. People got together for 1-3 hrs once a week and just chatted about whatever using sign.

-Weekly sign video challenges where I'd post a topic and you were to make up to a 5 minute video of yourself in the "videos" section of the page talking about that topic. There were no rules as far as how much was signed versus voiced, but we encouraged signing as much as possible. This gave people an outlet to comment on your signed video about signs that needed an adjustment/or new signs to learn.

-Tutor days. Experienced signers would offer up their time to get together with new people to get their feet wet with signing. There were no rules as far as structure and it was up to the experienced signer to chat and handle the tutor day whichever they saw fit.

Anyone have other great ideas to incorporate into this page? I'm up to any ideas! Comment below.


Marissa - Moderator

anyone want to sign today

Hi! I am 15 years old and I could really use an ASL signing buddy to help me with my receptive skills.

Hello! I'm trying to find someone to sign with today! I'm asl 4 but any skill level would be fun. contact me and we can chat over skype (or glide if thats all you can make work)


Hello, I am a beginner in ASL and have some free time to Skype or Snapchat if anyone wants to simply chat in ASL :)
let me know your Skype or Snapchat username :)

Hi need some friends to do sign language with

I am new to ASL -- starting taking classes at a local tech college about two months ago. It looks like the last posts in this group were over a month ago -- anyone still active in the group and practicing? Thanks!

Wanting to create a group chat so if anyone is interested comment below

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There is anyone in here who live area of Dallas, TX who want to learn ASL while learning hip hop dance. You can check out on Facebook ➡ VisionaryImpossiblePeople or YouTube . There is 2nd event coming up soon; you can check out on Facebook. Shoot me msg here or comment here

Here the clip of dancing video with little bit of ASL

Who can help me out interpreting a sign? Both hands as an 9(F) handshape, palms towards each other, hands move forward (away from the body) in one short motion. Couldn't find it in a reverse dictionary and I need to know what it means. Thanks!
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