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likes:elk,humans for dinner,the dark,unknown
dislikes:the light,cyoties,unknown
appearance:pure black with dark purple eyes normaly that change color with her mood and a lighter tail tip.
abilitys: she can disapear,she can manipulate her elements,unknown

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Name: Cloud
Gender: female
Rank: lone female
Mate: Kabuki (white male w/pale eyes)
Mother: Turi (dusty copper female)
Father: ???
Siblings: May (silver female), Luke (black male), Rain (white male)
Pups: Raven (sleek black male), River (white female)
Likes: snow, cloudy days, swimming, nice wolves, hunting, running, night, rain, wind, the moon, and stars
Dislikes: unnecessary fights, mean alphas, lying, bright sunlight, fake friends, and stealing
Looks: sleek black she-wolf with brown eyes
Abilities: climbing trees, swimming, and rain making (can make the clouds rain)
Personality: friendly, protective, standoffish, quiet, solemn, kind
Bio: no one knows who her father is, she fell in love with the alpha's son, Kabuki, from the rival pack, Rain found out her secret by following her to the place she meets Kabuki at, shocked, Rain ran and told Turi, embarrassed, Cloud ran away for her pack to find out she was expecting Kabuki's pups, excited and shocked Cloud told Kabuki, who right then and there ran away with her, she gave birth to two pups Raven and River, sadly, Kabuki left Cloud and now she wanders from territory to territory with her two pups
Pack: none
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Name: Heraldstorm
Age: 24 (in human years)
Gender: male
Rank: Alpha
Mate: none/ open
Pups: none
Likes: leading his pack, fighting, hunting, running, howling, being kind but firm to his pack mates
Dislikes: losing fights, watching his packmates die, being challenged by packmates
Description: eyes change color do to mood, grey and black fur, a silver stripe runs across his front right paw
Bio: He was abandoned by his mother when was a pup, he almost froze to death when he was traveling through the snow when he was adopted by his present pack, he grew to be a loyal warrior, and in time, he became Alpha, he rules his pack and guards a vast territory, he protects only one human, Jace
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Name: Seria
Gender: Girl
Age: 24 (human age)
Rank: Hunter
Likes: Challenges, fights, hunting, and being alone.
Dislikes: Bad Wolves, In my territory, Loud sounds, and Humans.
Bio: Ive been on my own since i was a pup and humans loves to try to take me as their pet. I ran off and found my home, which was my cave. After a few years of training, i learned how to hunt and how to be careful. I dont like it when people just rudely come and try to take over my territory. Which wont happen. Im a dire wolf and im a Hunter. Be careful because im a wolf that you do NOT want to mess with. 


Hello howels at the moon

howls sat thx

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