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Name: Sandra Dee Terwilliger

Nickname: Sandy

Parents: Daphne and Cecile Terwilliger

Age: 10

Likes: music, art, swimming, Legos, old movies/ TV shows, skateboarding, reptiles, theater, mysteries, and reading.

Hobbies: cooking, playing the piano, drawing, singing, skateboarding, watching old TV shows, and hanging out with friends and pets.

Crush: Bart Simpson

Secret weapon: incredible acting skills thanks to her father and uncle Sideshow Bob.

Best friends: Bart, Lisa, & Milhouse.

Relatives (dad's side): Sideshow Bob, Francesca and Chino.

Relatives (mom's side): Ned Flanders, Maude Flanders, Rod and Todd

How she met the Simpsons: on one of Sideshow Bob's lesser known attempts of killing Bart. It was at a county fair in the haunted house. Bart was tyed up to a fake electric chair and Sideshow Bob was hooking up some wires to make the chair work when Sandy saw him doing this. She shrieked, causing the two males look at her direction. Luckily for Bart, she was one of Sideshow Bob's weaknesses. After he left, she ran towards Bart and untied him. 
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Hi, welcome to the Simpsons roleplay.
1. No cussing, or s*xual pictures.
2. No changing roles they play.
& 3. Have fun roleplaying.
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