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What if some of the Codenames where from Greek mythology


Human Template:

Quote: “Don’t wait till tomorrow to make a difference “

Name: unknown
Code Name(s): Diana
Age: 25
Gender: female
Their association with mutants : For

Location(s): no where
Appearance (not needed if there is a photo):

Alliances: the Ruins
Role in Location:

Relationships: single
Random facts:

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Welcome to the world. Our world. It's different than your world- the one you live in yourself right now.
This is a world of the future; a world where war has left is so distraught that the number of mutations and experiments had left people, different. A world after a war that left civilization ruined. Government is only a group of corruption, not even a government but a word to seem like they do well. They are the enemy, but the world is full of danger. The Americas are one of the few places left to the wilderness, overgrown and with rich soils it is sought after- yet too hard to reach.
Asia is the most common place to find concentration camps of these people who were experimented on. Animal people. The old abandoned buildings of China are great for holding and containment. Europe is full of labs and experimentation facilities. Africa has unbearable conditions- hot weather and death. Australia is underwater, some rumors say that there are oceanic animals who live there and mutants who are like the mermaids and lamias, but much more surreal. Antarctica is practically non-existent. There is common practice of sacrificing human and mutant lives by cults- some animals are mutants as well- not humanoids but just animals.
Americas are a safe haven for these animal people. There are camps for survival and happiness, living in tents and occasionally abandoned buildings- the mutants usually get to the America’s through the use of secret boats- there is an underground organization in Asia and parts of Europe protecting the mutants called The Ruins. It arranges these boat trips and helps these mutants survive.
There are cults that are against these mutants that are even supported by the government. They often contain and kill them for “The the God and Savior”
Religion states that God doesn’t accept the humans that are impure (Those who are mutant sympathizers or suspected to be animals)

That is our world- and it's getting better for us animals when we get out of those camps. Join us, on our jouney!

Information about the Mutant Humans:

-They live longer than regular humans

-The rarer the animal is on our world, the higher the mutant human is in the social classes

-There can be more animal DNA or more human DNA in the humanoids

-Aquatic Humanoids are mostly located at the flooded Australia, but they also live near coastlines of other places

-Mutant Humans usually stay in packs or in makeshift refuge camps

Mutant Template:


Code Name(s):
What animal are they:
Percentage of animal genes:

Appearance (not needed if there is a photo):

Role in Location:

Random facts:

Information on Humans

-Most are against the government
-Only a rare few speak out against them, others remain in fear
-Many live in government maintained camps as well, or held by cults for sacrificial purposes
-Many also wish to go to the Americas and live peacefully alongside mutants
-It was humans who formed the Ruins, and many are the ones who maintain it
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